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Faried Nawaz

Mar 9, 2020, 3:58:12 AM3/9/20
to Telecom Grid Pakistan
As of yesterday, I can no longer use mosh to access servers outside Pakistan.
It's either too slow to be useful (slower than ssh!) or the traffic is
interfered with to the point where it can't perform a proper handshake.

It worked on Jazz and Transworld yesterday, blocked on PTCL and Multinet, but
today it seems blocked everywhere. I've filed a complaint with the PTA for
PTCL (PTA-PTCL-20200308-152228), and provided both Multinet support and PTCL
tcpdumps, but I'm not hopeful of a resolution. Elsewhere on Twitter I see
some users complaining about not being able to play online games since Sunday

I cannot fathom a reasonable justification for blocking mosh; if it's illegal
to use, then so is ssh.

"The stars are blurring, we're going fast."

Tee Emm

Mar 9, 2020, 7:18:28 AM3/9/20
to telecom-gr...@googlegroups.com
We need to push the new people who are touting digital pakistan non-stop on this issue. Tried my bit at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/tariqmustafa_pta-activity-6642739827890536448-cjjw


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Faried Nawaz

Mar 9, 2020, 12:21:06 PM3/9/20
to Telecom Grid Pakistan
Update: by the time I got home around 7pm, mosh had started to work
again on PTCL. I tested against my mail and web servers, and then
logged into the office's local network and tested some of their
remote servers over Multinet. It works over Jazz on my phone, too
(I use https://juicessh.com/).

I also see posts by people saying they can now play some online games
that they couldn't yesterday.

I don't have an emailed update from PTCL (I received one asking for
details this morning), so I don't know if it's a temporary reprieve.
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