How to Transform This a Begger into Entrepreneur

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Paaro .

Dec 24, 2015, 1:40:41 AM12/24/15
to Paaro ( पाराे )
Dear Group Members,

I found a person (here in bangalore) who is struggling very hard to survive and have no income now. He looks like he is gentleman and can do some work to earn instead of begging to people on the way (I found him in this position). His whole family (in his native) is dependent on him. The person is done his education till 5th standard and don't know anything about english. He can do some work which don't require literacy.

I have provided temporary accommodation to him by saying that become our building watchman and stay here and I will pay you INR 5000.00 which I will be paying from my pocket.

Now I have a question to you that what work he can do while sitting downside of our building which can earn him atleast INR 20000 so that he can send money to whole family and change his financial situation from survival to atleast liveable.

I want to make sure that he does something downside building to earn instead of seating whole day ideal.

If you have any ideas, please share. I will focus on changing at least his life, if not of many.

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