Best Comments for Girls Pic on Instagram

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Dec 11, 2020, 8:13:38 PM12/11/20
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Best Comments for Girls Pic on Instagram

It depends on the person for whom you are commenting. Of course it can be the first impression if you want to start a conversation.

Remember never be flirty if you dont know her, that will definitely have a negative impact and she may form a wrong image of you. Try to be as polite as possible and dont be very straight forward.

If you are familiar with her then being a little flirty can keep you at the safe zone. Remember dont get vulgar as the comments are public appreciations and getting vulgar may irritate her.

If she is your best friend then you are free to comment your views but make sure you maintain a certain limit since they can be seen by others. You have the advantage of teasing her since she is your bestiee and wont mind it but dont get carried away.

If you guys are in a relationship then you must show that you are proud to have her and that will be reflected in your comments. Try to brag a little with comments such as mine, bae, etc

Some selective comments based on your familiarity with the girl are:

1.     An absolute example of perfect beauty

2.     You really look gorgeous in this one

3.     That outfit and the person wearing it can outshine anyone

4.     Thats just dope

5.     My heart just skipped a beat after watching this

6.     Those eyes mean the world to me

7.     Hey gorgeous

8.     You are definitely a glorious mess

9.     Thats hot enough to beat the winters

10.  I cant get my eyes of this pic

11.  This girl is mine

12.  Beauty that cannot be measured in megapixels

13.  Insanely hot

14.  The reason why i smile

15.  Love love love

16.  I may be perfect but she is still better

17.  Fantastically awesome

18.  Bae this one!

19.  You have grown bold

20.  Um, Can you not?

21.  You look gorg.

22.  I’m obsessed with you.

23.  *Heart Eyes Emoji.*

24.  Stop being so perfect.

25.  You could seriously be a model.

26.  You’re unreal.

27.  I wish I could like this twice.

28.  *Fire Emoji.*

29.  *100 Emoji.*

30.  I’m dead.

31.  Selfie game on point.

32.  You’re too pretty.

33.  I’m in love with you.

34.  Can I be you?

35.  Skinny minny!!

36.  Eyebrow game strong.

37.  I’m so jelly.

38.  My best friend is so gorgeous.

39.  Stunning.

40.  That face though.

41.  Dammmmmmmnnnn.

42.  Such a Smoke Show.

43.  Can I have your body? Thanks.

44.  Literally perf.

45.  Why are you so cute.

46.  Your smile is so sweet.

47.  You are perfect.

48.  You are my sunshine

49.  Trust me, you are perfect.

50.  Fire Emojis

51.  I think i am in love with you.

52.  Damm

53.  Perfect match

54.  Heart Eye Emoji

55.  I can feel you

56.  Cuteness overloaded.

57.  You are mine

58.  Can i hold your hands?

59.  You are a magnet

60.  My teddybear

61.  Simply! Amazing

62.  Beauty with the brain

63.  Silly girl

64.  I am always with you.

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