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Mrs. O'Connor - ELA

May 22, 2015, 11:15:19 AM5/22/15
Happy Memorial Day, everyone -

Here's the latest scoop....:


Hard-copies of progress reports were sent home a couple of days ago.  I'm asking that you review and sign them.  This counts as a homework assignment, and if I don't receive a signed report, I will be emailing you to be certain that you have seen your child's average.


Exciting news!  As I'm certain you've heard, the 7 Green Honors ELA class will be having a debate against the 7 Blue Honors ELA class.  Our topic is the death penalty, and the kids have been making me proud with the hard work they've been doing in preparation for the event.  However, as of this morning, we've "raised the bar," and now (at the suggestion of my class :-), will be conducting the debate in the auditorium.  Even more thrilling, is the fact that Mr. Thompson has OK'd allowing the Regents classes from both teams to come and watch the debate! 

Our class voted on the three students they want to be the lead debaters, and I'm glad THEY had to do it, and not I.....after watching the in-class debates, I would've never been able to choose just three!  I'm delighted to say that the kids chose Cara Carbone, Jordan Due, and David Tecchio as our debate representatives.  Coleman Dusavage has been selected as our "understudy."  Absolutely ANY of my students would've been wonderful in this role, I'm proud to say.

The date has been set for a week from today, Friday, 5/29, during 1st period.  And, as with our in-class debates, I'm requiring our debaters to dress as professionally as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


I can't believe I'm saying it, but today, I introduced the last large project of the year!  The kids have been assigned an Historical Journal project, which will require them to access Google Classroom and to work collaboratively with a partner throughout the next 3-4 weeks.  They and you should understand that since they have been allowed to choose their own partners, they will have to live with the choice, and that the grade which is ultimately assigned will be for BOTH partners.  It is imperative that both partners share the work load and participate equally.  I've mentioned to the Regents classes that being absence is not an excuse for not doing an equal share of work; Google Classroom is accessible from ANYWHERE, and absentees will be expected to log on and do their share of the work.  They are encouraged to log on during our regular classroom period time, in order to work in tandem with their partner, but it is not necessary.  **Please allow your child access to a computer or tablet in order to complete this work.  Some of the kids are concerned that parents/guardians won't allow them to use electronic devices.**

Finally, in support of our Honors class and their debate against Blue Team next Fri., I'm encouraging my Regents students to wear green that day.  (Things such as green bandanas, eye black -or green, as the case may be, face paint, hats, will not be allowed.)  I'll give class tickets to those who wear it!

Phew!!  I know that was a lot of info., but it was important.

Thank you to all of our veterans, and I hope all of you enjoy your weekend!!

Regards -
Allison O'C.

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