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der Hoaxster

Jun 11, 2016, 4:23:16 PM6/11/16
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I know someone with a 4 year business administration degree that was
out of work for four years starting in the early Great Recession. He
refused to consider any work that wasn't matched to his education. In
reality, he has never had a job that required any knowledge one would
gain from his degree program. He has had some jobs where they would
tolerate a person having such a degree.

Three guesses which political party he worships?

[Jaymz] <snip> Some of the unemployed are unwilling to do things they
are capable of doing, even though someone is willing to hire them.
Too many are "educated" but unable to do things that they think are
fit for their education. Much education provides no value but only
creates delusional expectations and a distorted assessments of their
market value. We can't all be marketing kingpins, and having the
degree does NOT create the opportunity. <snip>
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