Brick Rodeo charity auction

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Tim Howell

Jan 4, 2023, 11:39:29 AMJan 4
to Texas Brick Railroad
One of the great things about Brick Rodeo is the charity auction. This year, as in 2021, we expect the auction to benefit Texas Children's Hospital. How does this happen?

One evening at Brick Rodeo there will be an auction. All kinds of great stuff will be available - sets, memorabilia, experiences, and more - and convention members will open their wallets to give lots of money.

But wait .. where does all this stuff come from?  You!  This auction doesn't happen without generous donations from AFOLs.

What can you donate to the Brick Rodeo auction?  Pretty much anything!
 - Sets (new or used) .. best are unique/retired/rare sets, but anything is good.
 - MOCs .. do have something built that's taking up space? Can you build something unique just for this?
 - Memorabilia .. do you have a unique/rare GWP?  Books, tshirts?  Souvenir from Billund?
 - Experiences .. do you have knowledge or expertise in some area, where you can donate an hour of your time?  Do you have a service you can provide? 

Can Texas Brick Railroad create something to donate?  Something fun, unique, and train-y?

Does the donation have to be LEGO-related?  No!  We're open to anything that might raise  money for TCH.

Feel free to discuss options here. If you have specific items or questions, please find Steve L. or me at a meeting, or email with your info.

Thank you!

Tim Howell


Jan 4, 2023, 12:58:05 PMJan 4
to Tim Howell, Texas Brick Railroad
Do we just bring sets and other donations during set up or do you want them ahead of time?

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Tim Howell

Jan 4, 2023, 1:25:48 PMJan 4
to Texas Brick Railroad
It's best if we can get them ahead of time. Second best is to tell us what you have then bring it to BR. And if you just show up at BR with a donation, we'll most likely take it.


Tim Howell

Mar 12, 2023, 10:04:15 AM (12 days ago) Mar 12
to Texas Brick Railroad
Just want to bump this .. particularly if anyone wants to build a MOC for for the auction. There's plenty of time, what can you come up with?

Tim Howell
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