[Council;DR] Council Discussion Summary, Weeks 2021/03-04

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Dirk Steinmetz (rsjtdrjgfuzkfg)

Feb 7, 2021, 7:17:48 PM2/7/21
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Council;DR Weeks 2021/03-04: 2021-01-18 to 2021-02-01

We're still busy with employment matters, but did have a CPG meeting and
clarified our commitment to public discussions.

- There are current legal issues with some external hiring services.
- There are discussions related to potential new hires.
- There are discussions related to the hiring process.

Project Strategy:
- We finished the draft and started the public vision discussion.
- We had to re-schedule the planned strategy meeting (and now consider
moving it into a public town hall meeting).

Communication / Transparency:
- We agreed on a motion to make clear that we want public discussions on
major strategic and organizational decisions (see motions below). With
that, we clarify that we aim to have public discussions before
deciding big things like a formal reorganization of the project, the
decision to fund a separate mobile app or to substantially change
legal agreements with users or external developers.
- Note that there is no intention to have public discussions regarding
employment-related matters or minor decisions.
- We plan to post a more detailed clarification on what we consider a
'major strategic or organizational decision' at some point.
- There was a follow-up motion to ask the board to echo a similar
statement for MZLA. Discussions showed that there are likely better
ways in which MZLA can show the community that it is on their side,
especially related to making the company more transparent. We will
think about these alternatives – potentially when considering future
changes to the project organization.
- We agreed on not sharing voting records for motions that contain PII
and confidential information.
- The financial report's first draft is finished, but not yet sent to
- We are discussing doing a public strategy meeting as part of the
experiment to introduce town-hall-style meetings.

The CPG process (Community participation guidelines):
- We started the postmortem of past CPG cases. This includes reviewing
concrete accusations and evidence that lead to decisions.
- There seems to be agreement that while the process' results were
justified, the process' application leaves a lot to learn from.
- There seems to be agreement that the CPG would have benefited from
more visibility; many steps have already been taking in that direction
(like a mandatory checkbox in new user registration dialogs, etc.).
- There will be an additional CPG session continuing the process.

- There seem to be tech support scammers violating our trademarks
- Our trademarks legally reside with MoFo (a non-profit) and are
licensed to MZLA.


Voting record for official motions in this period:

- We approved three employment-related motions.
- "The council should not make major strategic or organizational
decisions, including but not limited to restructuring the project or
significantly changing policies for public services or products,
excluding confidential matters, without having had at least 7 days of
public discussion regarding the specific decision. These discussions
are announced on tb-planning, but can occur on any public discussion
channel." The motion passed:
- Yes: Ryan, Christopher, Magnus, Dirk, Berna
- Abstain: Philipp, Patrick
- The motion regarding a similar statement for MZLA was put in revision
(with all councilors being present), and thus not voted on.
- Update the motion to mandate public voting records to:
"Publish the complete voting record of all council members on all
motions excluding motions containing PII and confidential information
on tb-planning." The motion passed:
- Yes: Dirk, Patrick, Berna, Magnus, Christopher, Ryan
- Absent during the voting: Philipp

"We" is the council speaking in the name of the Thunderbird project.

Some aspects may be missing or intentionally vague, as the council works
with confidential information that cannot be shared with the public.
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