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Mark Banner

Oct 19, 2010, 5:14:40 AM10/19/10
to tb-pl...@mozilla.org
Following Firefox's recent change on trunk to 32/64 bit universal Mac builds, we are currently looking at transitioning the Thunderbird trunk nightlies as well. As the Gecko platform appears (I'm not sure its been officially announced to any extent) to be unsupporting ppc builds and 10.4 for the next trunk release, we will be following on as it doesn't make sense for us to try and support something that Firefox isn't.

We now have Mac 64 bit builders on Try Server. These are set up to do the 32/64 bit builds and will run unit tests.

At the moment, these builds will fail (unless you hack around the failures) due to 64 bit issues that we haven't fixed yet. Bug 537496 is the tracker for the remaining issues.

However, while we're getting the compilation failures fixed, I've hacked around them and got builds to succeed, and the majority of unit tests to pass.

You can get the experimental build from here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/thunderbird/tryserver-builds/bugz...@standard8.plus.com-2c3edfbd208b/tryserver-macosx64/

Notes and Known Issues:
  • On Mac 10.5 the builds will only run in 32 bit mode. On 10.6 the builds will run in 64 bit mode - I believe 32 bit mode is possible but from what I've seen on mozilla.dev.planning 32 bit mode running on 10.6 will be unsupported.
  • The build includes the proposed fixes for the compose window (hopefully these should be landing on trunk within the next 24 hours).
  • The unfixed compilation bugs will mean that Eudora import and apple encoding of attachments won't work.
  • We know there is a crash in the Kerberos/GSSAPI code for 64 bit mode.
  • I have no idea if update automation will work on the build, so I recommend downloading a fresh nightly or updating your existing ppc/32 bit nightly when we do get the 32/64 bit nightlies running.
If you find any issues with the 64 bit builds that you can't reproduce in the current 32 bit nightlies, please file a bug and mark it as blocking the tracker bug.



Oct 27, 2010, 6:56:14 PM10/27/10
to tb-pl...@mozilla.org
Thats very nice to know. :-) A few month ago, I was able to build a
32/64bit Mac Thunderbird build, with a few hacks. I've tried it again
with the newest trunk code (after disabling Eudora Importer and without
any other hacks) and it builds fine the i386 part and the x86_64 part,
but it doesn't unify anymore to a UB.
I get everytime the following error:

/Volumes/Developer/temp/src/mozilla/build/macosx/universal/unify \
--unify-with-sort "\.manifest$" \
--unify-with-sort "components\.list$" \



Use of uninitialized value $lastline in pattern match (m//) at
/Volumes/Developer/temp/src/mozilla/build/macosx/universal/unify line 516.
Use of uninitialized value $lastline in concatenation (.) or string at
/Volumes/Developer/temp/src/mozilla/build/macosx/universal/unify line 517.
Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -1 at
/Volumes/Developer/temp/src/mozilla/build/macosx/universal/unify line 517.
make[1]: *** [postflight_all] Error 255
make: *** [build] Error 2

Do you have also experienced this, and if yes, how have you solved it?

I also get "Cannot execute ../../../i386/dist/bin/shlibsign." But this
is Bug 600433.
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