[Council;DR] Council Discussion Summary, Weeks 2021/01-02

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Dirk Steinmetz (rsjtdrjgfuzkfg)

Jan 24, 2021, 7:05:48 PM1/24/21
to tb-pl...@mozilla.org
Council;DR Weeks 2021/01-02: 2021-01-04 to 2021-01-18

We're dealing with some pressing employment-related matters, discussed
multiple communication-related issues and haven't forgotten about the
vision discussion email that is overdue (sorry!).

- There are current legal issues with some external hiring services.
- There are discussions related to potential new hires.

Project Strategy:
- We have a draft for the vision email, should go out in week 2021/03.
- We will have the next internal strategy meeting in Week 2021/04.
- There are discussions on possibly creating/publishing a whitepaper on
Thunderbird's OpenPGP implementation.
- We discussed communication around planned add-on policy changes, and
encourage a public discussion before they are finalized. We do not yet
agree whether or not policy changes should generally need to involve
the council and/or the wider community, though.

Communication / Transparency:
- We discussed progress on transparency ideas other than Council;DR,
there is still interest in Townhall meetings and more verbose written
reports but not much has happened yet.
- A motion was put forth to formalize motions 7 days before voting and
to publicize that information for all motions other than hiring,
salary, vendor, partnerships and personal confidential information
7 days before voting. While the intent (have a public discussion on
big-impact motions) was unanimously seconded, concerns were raised
that that a fixed rule could lead to problematic delays or cause some
topics to be handled without motions (reducing transparency). The
motion was thus put in revision to address these concerns, without
being voted on.
- We briefly discussed a recent CPG case. We will have an internal CPG
meeting in Week 2021/04 about past cases and potential future rules.
- The financial report is still on the way, hopefully to finally go into
review in week 2021/03.

- Announcing the partnership mentioned in Council;DR 2020/44-47 is on
hold until some technical integration work has been completed.
- There are delays on issues raised by the OpenPGP audit mentioned in
the meeting minutes for 2020-09-28; the report will be released by
cure53 once the issues are resolved.


Voting record for official motions in this period:

The motion on public communication about motions was put in revision
(with all councilors being present), and thus not voted on.

"We" is the council speaking in the name of the Thunderbird project.

Some aspects may be missing or intentionally vague, as the council works
with confidential information that cannot be shared with the public.
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Jan 24, 2021, 8:37:21 PM1/24/21
to Thunderbird planning (moderated)
On 21/01/21 1:47 AM, Magnus Melin wrote:
I'd say there is mistrust when no such mistrust was ever warranted.
On 25/01/21 1:05 PM, Dirk Steinmetz on behalf of the Thunderbird Council wrote:
- We briefly discussed a recent CPG case. We will have an internal CPG
  meeting in Week 2021/04 about past cases and potential future rules.

 From what I have observed the CPG and the manner in which it has been, and is being, applied do not follow the principles of natural justice.

 For me, this warrants mistrust.


Magnus Melin

Jan 25, 2021, 2:30:09 AM1/25/21
to tb-pl...@mozilla.org
So you say you expect CPG cases to be discussed fully out in the open on
a public mailing list, and you mistrust the council because that was not
the case?

I'm firmly of the opinion that involvement in CPG issues is something
the council should stay away from as much as it can possibly do so.


Mihovil Stanić

Jan 27, 2021, 8:37:25 AM1/27/21
to tb-pl...@mozilla.org, thunderb...@rsjtdrjgfuzkfg.com
I'm not sure if I said it before, even if I didn't it doesn't hurt to
Thank you for these summaries.

Hopefully, council could start publishing meeting minutes regularly
(lets say 7 days delay from meeting) so you can stop investing your time
in summaries and use it for something else.

Best regards,

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