Thunderbird Startup Performance Progress

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Richard LEGER

Mar 19, 2021, 10:23:42 AM3/19/21

For info to the dev teams and contributors, some Thunderbird speed results and performance profiles for TB 87.0b3 startup in various setup, have been published here:
This is totally empiric from my end-user point of view... to record the time it takes from start till ability to read first email message content (appearing in preview pane).

Small progresses observed but still much to do :-)

I thought it may be of interest to anyone curious or willing to dig into perf profiles to either help identify culprits in core, imap, caldav, or else... and raise separate related specific bug reports, and hopefully help reproduce them and sort them out...

Just a volonteer trying to help... in the hope it may a small step forward... to improvie TB startup performance.



Mar 28, 2021, 10:17:55 PM3/28/21
This is great.

Can you give us a pointer regarding how to obtain this data.

(I have not used profiler much before.)

I am curious why TB seems silent after I hit get message button.

I am sure it is exchange POP3 commands with the busy local ISP server,
but if so,
I think TB needs to give us visual feedback instead of just sitting
silent. (It is UI thing)
But who knows?


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