TASSEL - Trait Analysis by Association, Evolution and Linkage

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Welcome to the TASSEL-software forum.  This discussion group provides an online source of information about the program TASSEL, for Association Mapping.  The software and further information, as well as links to the original publications, can be found at the Buckler Lab for Maize Genetics and Diversity website, http://www.maizegenetics.netR front-end for TASSEL (rtassel) is at https://bitbucket.org/bucklerlab/rtassel/src/master/


TASSEL is a software package to evaluate genotype and traits associations with the tools of population and quantitative genetics. TASSEL can handle datasets with commonly encountered in the plant community, e.g. replicated trials, inbred lines, and complex structured pedigrees.  TASSEL also has the latest and statistically most powerful approaches for association mapping in complex populations [both General Linear Model (GLM) and Mixed Linear Model (MLM)]. In the latest version, speed and memory efficiency have been important foci so that it can now handle millions of SNPs and conduct powerful tests with them much more rapidly than general purpose analysis packages. 


TASSEL is an Open Source software, and can be found at https://bitbucket.org/tasseladmin/tassel-5-source/wiki/Home


TASSEL user manual is available online at https://bitbucket.org/tasseladmin/tassel-5-source/wiki/UserManualAdditional help is available beyond this document. Users are welcome to report bugs, request new features through the TASSEL website.


A visual tutorial is available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS1SdXlyMI1OsSf5yA_oFqw


We recommend searching the archives first before posting questions on the discussion group...


Please try to use informative subject lines for queries/comments!  For bug reports please include as much information as possible including any error messages, the operating system, TASSEL version number, and whether you are using the stand-alone or web interface.