How to account for regular income-expenditure for the duration of the project?

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Jul 19, 2019, 7:45:08 AM7/19/19
to TaskJuggler Users
e.g. While Starting a new project I need to hire resources, rent additional office space for the team, lease equipment, and pay monthly staff salary. These expenses are fixed and not proportional to the work done in a given month.

e.g. If I have a milestone task "sign office lease" My cashflow statement should show monthly rental payment for the duration of the project starting from the date on which the lease was signed. 
Similarly If I have a "Hire developer" milestone I will have to pay a monthly salary to the developer even if all his tasks are gated by inputs from other staff members.

How do I account for such expenses in the project plan?

Uros Platise

Jul 19, 2019, 2:25:59 PM7/19/19


you may have a look at the charge option:

some usage:

It does not have end of month periodically but the closest approximation would be perweek.

You can do different accounts (groups), and assign continues tasks that represent periodic outcomes (or incomes) to some group, and in parallel handle the work (from effort) per individual seen in money. It may consequently give you a better view on how much individual participates in direct sales. Ofc it depends on the type of the business.

BR Uros

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