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Aug 26, 2020, 4:45:34 AM8/26/20
to TaskJuggler Users
What does this error really mean?

Most of my tasks don't have start or end dates yet. In fact I have just 1 fixed date so far, with a couple of dates relative to it. 

I get this error on one task that depends on three others (absolute references), none of which depend on any task with a date. If I comment either of two of them, the error goes away.

If I make that error go away, it uncovers another similar error a bit later, in a task that depends on another peer task (with a !relative reference). Again if I comment the depends statement, the error disappears. Then the project builds. 

I can see in TaskScenario.rb that this error comes from postScheduleCheck which is described as "not essential". Yet, it stops the project building. Which makes it pretty essential to me...

Jostein Berntsen

Aug 27, 2020, 5:39:25 AM8/27/20
to taskjugg...@googlegroups.com

Can you post the example code for where the project build stops and with
the error?

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