TaskJuggler 0.2.2 has been released

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Chris Schlaeger

Sep 14, 2011, 3:57:03 AM9/14/11
to taskjuggle...@googlegroups.com

Hi TaskJuggler Users!

I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of TaskJuggler 0.2.2. This release may very likely be the last beta release before we make the big switch to TaskJuggler 3.0!

New Features

  * Check all input files for encoding errors.
  * Adding Fedora 20 schedule as an example.
  * Deprecating old journal columns.
  * Making journal reports more configureable.
  * Add --html option for tj3man to show help in browser.
  * More elaborate explanation of the reported 'complete' values.
  * 'purge' is now supported in reports
  * Eliminate the need to set TASKJUGGLER_DATA_PATH when installed from gem.
  * Improved debugging output for --debuglevel and --debugmodules option.
  * Using a standard gemspec file to build the gem package.

Bug Fixes

  * Use stricter encoding checks for incoming emails.
  * Don't report unset min/max start/end dates as errors in reports.
  * <-query attribute="journal'-> now also works without a property context.
  * Don't crash when 'scenario' is used with 'icalreport'.
  * Propagate dates from scheduled tasks to dependencies with effort.
  * Be less agressive when inheriting project start and end dates.
  * Don't crash when tasks don't fit the project time frame.
  * Correct 'effort must be larger than 0' error message.

Special thanks to Jean-Jacques Mérillon and Rene Kuettner for their patches for this release!

To install TaskJuggler, see the installation instructions.

In case you find a bug, please follow the steps described in the manual.

Developers and other folks that want to contribute are encouraged to check
out our Git repository.

Happy Juggling,

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