TaskJuggler III 0.0.11 has been released

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Chris Schlaeger

Mar 21, 2011, 3:01:59 PM3/21/11
to taskjuggle...@googlegroups.com
Hi TaskJuggler Users!

I'm happy to announce the release of TaskJuggler III 0.0.11. This may
be the last release of the TJ3 initial alpha series. I think it is
time now to expose TJ3 to a wider audience. If all goes well, we'll
start a series of beta releases to polish the TJ3 syntax. Hopefully,
the boarder user base will then help us to remove the last issues with
the TJ3 syntax. I'd like to release the first stable TJ3 release some
time later this year.

TaskJuggler 0.0.11 comes with a bunch of new features but probably
even more bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who reported issues!

If you missed it, TaskJuggler is now using GitHub:
https://github.com/taskjuggler/TaskJuggler. Feel free to check it out,
watch it or even fork it.

Change Log

Fixing changelog script to handle multi-digit release levels properly.
Fix crash when 'purge' is used with a non-scenario-specific attribute.
Prevent crash on tasks with too weak end spec.
Some tasks with start-start or end-end dependencies could not be scheduled.
Properly respect most export report attributes.i
Restrict bookings to leaf scenarios.
Move all TextParser files into the TextParser directory.
Allow bookings for all scenarios again.
Export reports now contain all scenario by default. Not just the first one.
Don't include redundant scenario attributes in export report.
Don't use intermediary files for export cycle tests.
Adding new richtext type for user-defined attributes.
Adding a diff class to be used in test cases.
Some fixes for the export reports.
Allow different duration specs for same task in multiple scenarios.
Don't export disabled scenarios when no scenarios were specified.
Including the timezone definition into export reports.
Properly escape quoted strings in export report.
Fix setting of global time zone again.
All reports may now use a separate time zone for their dates.
Describe how to quickly switch between different source code version.
Fix a crash caused by the recent time zone changes.
Fix inheritance of start and end dates for derived scenarios.
Make 'allocate' work for multiple scenarios again.
Make 'fail' and 'warn' work for all scenarios.
Add missing export.tji file.
Allow timesheets from zero-efficiency resources.
More time zone related fixes.
All projects now default to UTC (world time) zone.
Improve example for using per resource limits for task allocations.
Further cleanup of the time library.
Resolving some issues with the test suite.
More time zone related work.
Adding month and year methods for TjTime.
Allowing time sheets for zero efficiency resources.
Resolve a Ruby 1.8.7 vs. 1.9.x compatibility issues with the test suite.
Use new text diff feature for CSV reports as well.
Include resources that were on vacation in Clarity reports.
Some code cleanup for the time keeping class.
Don't use generated README anymore.
Don't crash when 'now' date is outside of the project period.
Rename README to README.rdoc so GitHub will render it properly.
Use safer default value for dateToIdx() functions.
New column 'inputs' that lists prerequisites of a task.
Make sure that the Project class can be used without the TaskJuggler class.
Changing manual to reflect the use of github to contribute patches.
Adding experimental support for task adoption.
Moving all non-entry ruby scripts into lib/taskjuggler.
Moving RichText classes into a separate directory.
Adding tutorial reports to README.
Fixing a problem with <-query-> RichText function.
tj3man now supports partial keywords.
Some polishing for TernarySearchTree class.
Even more cleanup of new TernarySearchTree class.
Show alert text in the appropriate color.
Swap priority of numericals and RTI on Query results.
Cleaning up the tj3man entry script.
Add rake tasks to generate Vim syntax file.
Allowing multiple 'depends' and 'precedes' attributes per task.
Moving daemon and client entry code into apps directory.
Converting tj3 to use Tj3AppBase class.
All programs now have a proper entry class that is derived of off
Fixing a Ruby 1.8 compatibility issue.
Make sure CSV reports work for Bignum values as well.
Clarifying the 'length' attribute in the documentation.
Eliminate the 'rbconfig/datadir will be deprecated' warning.
Use alert colors in time and status sheet summary emails.
Allowing multiple instances of flag attributes per property.
Fix a crash of the tj3d web server when showing reports.
Fixing the alert label in status sheet summary mails.
Discontinuing setup.rb install method.
Some cleanup for time sheet test.
Allowing multiple 'charge' attributes per task again.
Update the manual with more detailed installation section.


TaskJuggler III is available on any platform that is supported by
Ruby. This includes Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

To install TaskJuggler 0.0.11, please follow the instructions in the
manual: http://www.taskjuggler.org/tj3/manual/Installation.html#Installation

For problems or questions, please go to the user forum:
http://groups.google.com/group/taskjuggler-users. This is the place
where users help other users. You can go there to get help, but please
stay around and help others as you get more experienced.

Bug Reports

Bugs should be reported here: https://github.com/taskjuggler/TaskJuggler

Important Note

When posting to the TJ mailing lists, please send regular emails to
the corresponding list email addresses listed on the page. Try to
avoid using the Google Groups web front-end as it does not support
attachments. Example projects should always be attached and not pasted
into the email to prevent them from getting corrupted by line breaks
and other formatting corruption that Gmail and MTAs like MS Exchange
apply to the mail body.


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