Can Tasker create pop up buttons that do something?

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Jun 19, 2022, 7:46:11 PMJun 19
to Tasker
I'm wondering if Tasker can pop up 2 buttons (yes / no) when a text message is received with certain text, then based on which button is pressed, turn on or off a switch in my SmartThings app.

Perhaps this is not possible with Tasker.

Exact example:

I receive a text stating "the basement lights have been on for 2 hours, are they still needed?"

When this is received - pop up a message asking if I want to turn off the basement lights with yes and no buttons. If I press yes, then turn off the switch in SmartThings. If I press no, do nothing.


Jun 20, 2022, 11:34:31 AMJun 20
to Tasker
Detecting an incoming text: yes (using the Notification event in a profile); and displaying a yes/no dialog: yes (using a Pick Input Dialog action with type = yes/no).

I never found a way to send a command directly from Tasker to SmartThings, though -- there may be intents that SmartThings could receive and act on, but I never found documentation for that.

There is a plug-in app, SharpTools, for that, however. It seemed to work pretty well, in testing using its introductory free mode, and has good reviews. It does require a subscription purchase ($3/mo or $30/yr) for integration with Tasker. It wasn't critical for me, so I didn't purchase it.

Others may have found a way to integrate Tasker with SmartThings; I'd be interested to hear of it as well.

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