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Regi Zer

Jul 31, 2022, 7:55:03 AMJul 31
to Tasker
I'd like to create a notification which has an icon in the status bar (=> not silent), a simple whatever kind of vibration, no sound (=> since it's not silent, no sound must be set).

The problem is that I've tried with every possible constellation of settings I could imagine, but I could not make if work only using the autonotification action.
To be honest I don't even exactly understand the difference between the category importance (set in the notification category initial settings), and the notification priority (set in Visibility and Priority)

What seemed weird was that when I set the category settings in AutoNotification app to be decided by the app, then I could only make the notification as silent. On the other hand, when I had the category edited by AutoNotification, the category settings in the task did not really take effect (I did delete the category between tries)

Also, sound cannot be unset in AutoNotifications (only via the priority, which is not an option if the notification is not supposed to be silent)
(The AutoNotification action does have a sound setting, but it's overwritten by the Autonotification app's category settings when turned on)

So at the moment the only way I found to get the results I want is to push the first notification, then if it is not already overridden in the AutoNotification settings, then turn it on (so it is not silent => has an icon), then go to Android's notification settings, where I can unset the sound (so it does not have a sound)

Is what I'm trying to do possible only using the action? (I feel likely that I'm just overlooking something)
If not, then I'd request it to be possible, because at the moment I kind of feel like the settings in the action are just not working properly

Phone: OnePlus 9 Pro - Android 12 - Rooted (Magisk)


Aug 1, 2022, 11:19:12 AMAug 1
to Tasker
Notifications in the Android world are now controlled by the user, not the application. The initial settings that an application makes to a notification are just that: Initial. The user can set them differently at any time (those notification settings are specified for each category of notification). You the user can change how a notification is presented (sound, vibration, etc) by long pressing on the notification, then pressing "Settings" (or something like that, depending on the device). If you think about it, allowing a application to change how a notification sounds/vibrates would cause a bunch of spam notifications to always be noisy, with nothing the user could do about it.
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