2 playlist with different behaviour - play one vs many songs

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Kasia W

Sep 18, 2022, 3:16:09 PM (13 days ago) Sep 18
to Tasker
What other players do you use in tasker except poweramp?
I want to use tasker to play playlist from phone after tag scanning. The problem is that I want different behawior  for this tags when playing this playlist:
- tag 1 playlist 1: play songs in random order till I stop it manually in the app - have it done using Poweramp and it works almost ok  (not always shuffle the songs but I can live with that) if I have set playing music in loop in app before that
- tag 2 playlist 2: randomly choose one song from playlist/directory, play it and stop playing after it ends.
I have problem with this 2nd playlist. If I mark poweramp to play only one song it's working but then tag 1 is impacted. I didn't find any intent to change poweramp behawior (play one song once / play songs in loop). I was thinking about using some other music player for second task, but I have no idea what to put in tasker task to have it working.
Does anybody can show tasker task which play some random song using some other app than poweramp (unless there is some intent to switch behawior which I mentioned) and stops after this one song?


Sep 18, 2022, 3:27:13 PM (13 days ago) Sep 18
to tas...@googlegroups.com

I use MiXplorer by Hootan Parsa (a great file explorer, FTP server, Code Viewer and Editor, all in one.


I also have used MX Player by MX Media

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