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Jun 15, 2022, 9:51:59 AM (10 days ago) Jun 15
to Tasker
Hi, I'm looking for a simple project that will help me create reminders. For recuring ones, I use a basic time profile with notify and sound but I'd like something for one- time reminders where I can simply:

Trigger a dialogue box to enter text of reminder notification,
set time (options for either minutes from now or time of day)
Get a notification at given time with the text entered.

Thats it!

There is a heavy duty project like this here, but I'm looking for something MUCH MUCH lighter and simpler.

Does anyone have a project like that they can share?

Jun 19, 2022, 4:26:31 PM (5 days ago) Jun 19
to Tasker
An approach that I've taken is to integrate Tasker with other tools that already do reminders.
So for example, the free version of the Memento database provides an action that allows for sending data to a local personal database. Entries/records in a database can contain any kind of data. For this application I tell Tasker "Hey tasker, take a note." It responds "What's the subject?", and I speak a simple subject. Then it asks "And what's the note?" So I dictate a very brief note, because at this point it gets confused about how long to keep the microphone active. The audio is transcribed to text and saved in a new record.
Now, Memento supports reminders as well, which can be set through the Tasker action. I do not have this enabled but it would be easy to have it ask "Set a reminder?", get a response, convert that to text, and then add that in to the Memento action that creates the database record.
Putting this all together, a Profile triggers a task that requests a voice message, converts that to text, then saves the text to Memento with a reminder.
You don't need the voice part, you can tap a shortcut to open Tasker with an input dialog, and then just enter the text.
My project also accepts requests like "save my location". After I save put text into the clipboard I can say "save that text", which then goes into a different Memento database. And "save that URL" saves the clipboard buffer in a Link field rather than plain text.
You don't actually need Memento. Find any app that saves reminders. Or use an action that creates a Google Calendar item. Or send yourself an Gmail that has date/time info, which Google auto-converts to Calendar items. Or see if you can send an Intent to your SMS app which schedules a message.

There are many ways to approach this. Just think through each action that is required. There aren't many. You can even load the heavy duty project that you linked and hack out everything that you don't want. If your intent here is that you don't know how to get Tasker to do things ... that's fine, hacking up an existing project would be a great way to learn how someone else does it.

I'm hesitent to share my project because there might be personal details in there - I simply don't remember. Joao also posted a note recently that Google is ending support for the voice services that may underpin my application as described here. I haven't looked at the details yet. But my project is as heavy duty as the other one, so I'm hoping you'll follow the guidance here rather than relying on specific code.

I hope that helps.


Jun 21, 2022, 11:02:33 AM (4 days ago) Jun 21
to Tasker
I created a basic alarm project a while back, when my alarm app stopped working reliably. You can check this out and see if it's useful.

Couple notes:
  • Run the "Set Simple Alarm" task to prompt you for the date/time/# minutes, and description, and to set up the alarm. You can add a widget to your home screen for that macro if you want
  • Run the "Dismiss Simple Alarm" task to cancel a scheduled, upcoming alarm
  • The other tasks are internal, although I suppose you could run "Display Simple Alarm" to force the alarm to show, for testing
  • The "Display Simple Alarm" task picks a music file at random from a folder, as the alarm sound. It expects to see a folder in the SD Card, named /Music/Wake Music. You can edit that in the task, or get rid of that whole random scheme and just play a single music file you can configure in the task


Machal Parking

Jun 21, 2022, 11:10:29 AM (4 days ago) Jun 21
Thank you for both for taking the time and your detailed response. I will def have a look!

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