Run a Task when Silent Notification is closed

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Nov 18, 2021, 6:25:52 AM (11 days ago) Nov 18
to Tasker
When i download a file using the browser (firefox or chrome) there is silent notification in the status bar with the download progress. Can i start a task when the download is completed and the notification is closed?

Manuel Holz

Nov 18, 2021, 9:00:18 AM (11 days ago) Nov 18
to Tasker
you can do it with AutoNotification.
somehow like this: (I took the notification which says that the download is completed, because during the download there was no text in it except the filename of the downloaded file)

    Profile: AutoNotification Intercept
    Settings: Restore: no
        Event: AutoNotification Intercept [ Configuration:Event Behaviour: true
    Notification Apps: Firefox
    Notification Text: Download abgeschlossen ]
    Enter Task: Flash
    A1: Flash [
         Text: task complete ]


    BR and have fun
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