UX - tough to tap contol in task/actions editing

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Jun 18, 2022, 10:19:39 PM (6 days ago) Jun 18
to Tasker
The screenshot below shows a task where action 15 begins an IF block. That block is collapsed. The End If is the last action in the task. Note the positioning of the Open block icon. It's wedged between the New Action icon and the bottom of the screen. It's very difficult to accurately tap in that tight space.

Even without a collapsed block, consider any other action down there - try to press/hold the last action to move it up in the task. It's very difficult to accurately tap that control too.

I dunno if this is a good idea yet, but I'll propose an option that forces all actions and their related controls to appear above that Add Action (+) icon. Don't show an action that doesn't fit entirely in that space, along with its controls.

Maybe (configurable with an Option) just move the bottom of the list control up above where the (+) icon displays - that is, reduce the height of the control or add another empty control under it. Sure, we lose a little space down there.

Maybe in this scenario we should add our own actions that don't do anything to the bottom of tasks where this happens - but that's kinda tacky.

Another option might be to move the Add Action (+) button. Maybe allow a press/hold on that button/icon to move it to some other fixed location, or a preferred location like a bubble.

Another possible option : Remove the Add Action button when we're running the task.

I'm just pointing out the anomaly and will leave it to others to determine the best remedies.


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