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Out Door

Nov 17, 2021, 12:31:13 PM (12 days ago) Nov 17
to Tasker
Sorry up front.  I'm not a programmer so I don't get the lingo correct sometimes.

If I try using the HTTP Get function within tasker from a url say my Nest home account.  How do I allow for the entry of username and password?

As well how do i then extract the correct information from the page?  Do i use some sort of developer tool? I can identify the line in the developer display that has the info i want.

Or is it easier to use something like the DataMiner chrome addin and extract some info to a file?

I managed to extract the data i want using DataMiner to a file.  But again, unsure how to get that info into tasker.

Just don't know which method would be best and then automate.

Out Door

Nov 17, 2021, 2:44:36 PM (11 days ago) Nov 17
to Tasker
Here is what i've tried

HTTP Request

Read File
test.txt to %temp

Variable Split
%temp splitter "Recroom temperature


I'm expecting a bunch of information to be displayed but all i get is

Found. Redirecting to /

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