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Stuart Macoeur

Nov 11, 2021, 6:11:27 PMNov 11
to Tasker

I am using a Rpi with LineageOS as a makeshift tablet; it works well in most cases. But their are some limitations, primary among which is that the touchscreen driver (official Rpi LCD touchscreen) causes most apps to crash for some reason, and so the pi is connected up to an HDMI monitor.  The touchscreen is left connected, but then is a blank display. The capacitative functionality is still working.

A mouse is present, and works for many apps, but some cause issues because they are touchscreen only. I've been mostly managing for those, by roughly estimating where on the screen I must go, and tapping there.

Would it be possible to use tasker to avoid the touchscreen altogether-- i.e. a mouse click is translated automatically inside those apps to a touchscreen tap, click and drag to tap and drag, and some special movements (quickly swirl counter-clockwise and clockwise) emulate pinching to zoom in and out ?

This would simplify matters considerably for those of us using the Rpi.
Thank you for your time; seems like an excellent productivity app.

-- S.
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