Monitor a folder and automatically print files?

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Apr 10, 2024, 9:15:46 AMApr 10
to Tasker

I currently use Mopria on Android which works well for printing PDF files manually, but I am looking for a solution on Android that can monitor a folder and automatically print files that are copied to that folder. Once printed, I would like the files to be automatically deleted. There are many programs on windows that can do this, such as FolderMill, but I am looking for a solution on Android. Could Tasker do this and if so how?

John Dolan

Apr 16, 2024, 5:31:00 PMApr 16
to Tasker

Yes, Tasker can indeed help automate this process on Android. Here's a general outline of how you can set it up:

Setting up Tasker: If you haven't already, download and install Tasker from the Google Play Store.

Creating a Profile: Open Tasker and create a new profile. Select the context or trigger that you want to use to initiate the printing process. In this case, you'll want to use the "File Modified" context to detect when a new file is added to the folder you're monitoring.

Configuring the Task: Once you've set up the profile, you'll need to create a task to handle the printing and deletion process.

Start by creating a new task and give it a descriptive name.

Add an action to print the file. Tasker has a built-in action called "Print File" that you can use for this purpose. Select this action and choose the file you want to print.

After printing, add another action to delete the printed file. You can use the "Delete File" action for this and specify the file path.

Testing and Refining: Once you've set up the profile and task, test it out by copying a file into the monitored folder. Tasker should detect the file, print it, and then delete it automatically.

Fine-tuning: Depending on your specific needs, you may need to adjust the task to handle different file types, printer settings, or error conditions.

Remember, Tasker is a powerful automation tool with a bit of a learning curve, so don't hesitate to experiment and tweak your setup until it works just the way you want it to.   😊


May 12, 2024, 12:11:31 PM (5 days ago) May 12
to Tasker
Thank you for your reply.  I downloaded Tasker and have had a play with it, but I am stuck on step 6 below:

1) I selected create profile
2) I selected Event
3) I selected File modified
4) In the file modified menu under file I chose the path to a blank folder.  For step 4 do I need to put anything in the evet, such as "Moved To"?
5) I created a new task and gave it a name
6) I clicked to add a new action but I don't see "Print File" option anywhere?  I even tried the search box and the only thing that comes up under print is "print settings", but that just comes up with an "IF" and a "Label" parameter.

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