Can't connect to ADB WiFi

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Aug 20, 2022, 9:31:42 PMAug 20
to Tasker
I keep getting this toast constantly while in Tasker.  Pixel 6 updated to Android 13 today, updated Tasker (beta) a few hours later.  Now this never ending toast...

Can't connect to ADB WiFi. Check here:

I have no profiles or tasks that have anything to do with ADB WiFi.  I have followed the steps using the Tasker permissions tool.  I have enabled WiFi debugging.  Nothing is making this toast stop!


Aug 20, 2022, 10:09:30 PMAug 20
to Tasker
I don't have any tasks that are trying to control mobile data or Wi-Fi.  I only get this toast while I am in Tasker.  I was also getting a notification about this but I turned that one off.

João Dias

Aug 22, 2022, 4:30:24 AMAug 22
This is related to how on Android 13 Logcat reading is done through ADB Wifi. So if you use the Logcat Entry event or use the %CLIP variable ADB Wifi is now needed. I'll have to add a clarification in app so that people know why the permission is requested now.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for your contact.

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João Dias

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Jordan M

Sep 18, 2022, 12:02:33 AMSep 18
to Tasker
I came across this post after encountering the same issue. I resolved it by finally enabling adb wifi. However,... that toast is still really bad and ought to be fixed. It's not just that it keeps appearing in a loop, but worse, it blocks the UI beneath it including the keyboard whenever you're in Tasker. It made trying to diagnose the issue or doing anything else in Tasker really difficult. 

Ok, that being said, I appreciate all the work you do on Tasker! It's the reason I can't leave Android :)

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