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Rich D

Nov 12, 2021, 5:25:55 AMNov 12
to Tasker Google Groups Post
Hi João,

I have tasker Version 5.14.6 with sdk28 android 9.  This is a fairly new task but has been working. This morning just after the action ' Turn on'  was run all action execution for that task simply stopped. It did  not resume for 30 minutes. In this 30 Min 3 profiles changes status  and 2 tasks were run. When the second task was done then the task in question started to run again. The next action in that task was a simple variable set.  I will try to reproduce this with a simplified task but I thought you should be aware as this this is potentially very troubling behavior.. The task in question is My Alarm On and the issue started at 4.00.00   with action 10

Thanks, Rich.. 

    Task: My Alarm On
    <test day>
    A1: Anchor
    A2: If [ %My_alarm_next_alarm_data !~ *%DAYW* ]
        A3: Notify [
             Title: Active Alarm Cancelled %TIME
             Text: %DAYW. - %DATE
             Number: 0
             Priority: 3
             LED Colour: Red
             LED Rate: 0 ]
    A4: End If
    <Start Alarm>
    A5: Anchor
    A6: If [ %Next_alarm_time ~ *work* ]
        A7: Variable Clear [
             Name: %My_alarm_snoozed ]
        A8: Perform Task [
             Name: Alarm Snooze On
             Priority: %priority
             Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ]
    A9: End If
    A10: Turn On [
          Block Time (Check Help): 500 ]
    A11: Variable Set [
          Name: %volume
          To: 2
          Max Rounding Digits: 3
          Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ]
    A12: For [
          Variable: %loop
          Items: 1:10
          Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ]
        A13: Media Volume [
              Level: %volume ]
        A14: For [
              Variable: %inner_loop
              Items: 1:4
              Structure Output (JSON, etc): On ]
            A15: Music Play [
                  File: Ringtones/(1)Alert-Echo.wav
                  Start: 0
                  Stream: 3
                  Continue Task Immediately: On ]
            A16: [X] Vibrate [
                  Time: 529 ]
            A17: Wait [
                  MS: 0
                  Seconds: 7
                  Minutes: 0
                  Hours: 0
                  Days: 0 ]
        A18: End For
        A19: Variable Add [
              Name: %volume
              Value: 1
              Wrap Around: 0 ]
    A20: End For

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