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Александр Кириченко

Jul 22, 2022, 10:19:48 AMJul 22
to Tasker
Please check what I'm doing wrong. In the version above 5.14.8, a strange situation occurs, when the file is moved by the tasker from folder A to Folder B, the image is not loaded in the application galleries (for example, telegram). Instead of a new image on a new path, an old gray img "link" is displayed when clicked on which says the image was not found.
In 5.14.8 everything works fine, and on two devices such a trouble 🤔
Phone: Android 11 Miui 12.5
Profile: Screenrecord Mover
                  Event: File Modified [ File:DCIM/ScreenRecorder/ Event:ClosedWrite ]
    Enter Task: Screenrecord_Mover
    A1: Wait [
         MS: 0
         Seconds: 2
         Minutes: 0
         Hours: 0
         Days: 0 ]
    A2: List Files [
         Directory: DCIM/ScreenRecorder
         Sort Select: Alphabetic
         Variable Array: %screenrecord
         Use Global Namespace: On ]
    A3: Move [
         From: %screenrecord(1)
         To: Pictures/ScreenRecorder
         Use Global Namespace: On ]
    A4: Vibrate [
         Time: 400 ]

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