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Oct 31, 2010, 3:31:20 PM10/31/10
to Tasker
I need some help setting up a profile, if it's even possible. Let me
try to explain.

Is it possible to set up tasker to switch my message tone based on
time related to previous message.

For example. I like to have a message tone that gets my attention, but
when I am in the middle of a conversation it really starts to bug me
when it keeps going off.

So......is it possible to have tasker change my message tone to
something different (short and not annoying) if I have gotten a
message within the last 10 minutes or so, but then have it a normal
attention getting tone if I havent.

I would also like it to be contact specific, like if I'm having an sms
conversation with someone then get a message from someone I havent
been talking to it would play the loud alert, but as that conversation
continues it would switch to the quieter one. This seems like more of
a long shot, but would be what I would prefer.

Does that make sense?
Any help?



Nov 2, 2010, 10:52:23 PM11/2/10
to Tasker
Yup you sure could.

1. Disable notification sounds on SMS
2. Place your 'loud' and 'quiet' message sounds in a directory on your
SD Card somewhere
3. // are comments in instructions below :)

then in a single task:

On SMS from anyone saying anything { //create a new profile

if %SMST is set

set %SMSTC to (maths on) %SMST + 600 //calculate the last SMS time
+ 600 seconds (10min).

if %SMSTC > %SMST //10min has not passed since last txt so... ,
play quiet message sound
possibly vibrate
set %SMST = %TIMES //essentially resetting the
end if

if %SMSTC < %SMST //if the time now is greater than the last sms
time + 600 seconds, 10min has passed
unset %SMST //unset the last message time so loud message tone
will play
end if

end if

if %SMST is not set
play loud message sound
vibrate if you choose, pattern
set %SMST to %TIMES (time in seconds)
end if


All theory from my head, but should give you a good starting point!
Good luck.

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