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Jun 18, 2022, 9:25:12 PM (6 days ago) Jun 18
to Tasker
I often refactor projects that have useful functions, abstracting common actions into their own tasks, then abstracting those out into dedicated project libraries. It's a huge pain to do that.

It might be REALLY cool to have a feature where we can select a group of actions, export them into a different task, then replace those lines with a Perform for that task - all without leaving the current task. This is the IDE equivalent to "refactor selection into a new function".

In short, Tasker is awesome for what it does, but How we have to make it do these things is painfully primitive, compared to normal development where there is an IDE, quick ability to copy, refactor, find assets, etc. Are there any plans for changes in this area? I don't mean something like Tasky that makes Tasker usable by non-developers, I mean something that makes Tasker more usable by developers.

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