"Variable Set" Profiles fail to trigger (both Event & State) in standalone app created with Tasker App Factory

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Jul 23, 2022, 6:46:06 PMJul 23
to Tasker
No "Variable Set" profiles will successfully trigger in any standalone apps I make using Tasker App Factory, neither as an Event nor as a State profile type. It works fine and is properly triggered when I test it in Tasker itself before exporting but fails to fire as a standalone app. How do I fix this? 

Additionally, my App has the following permissions granted:

The app is successfully set with Accessibility features enabled and is a device admin app. I've already rebooted the phone. Why is it not working?

Android 12/OxygenOS 12 on OnePlus 8 phone. 

Brenden M

Jul 24, 2022, 2:40:19 PMJul 24
to Tasker
Hi there,

The Profiles in a Tasker App Factory made app can read manually (in a Tasker Action) set variables, but you're doing something wrong if you think the Variable Set is supposed to work in an Event or State. Instead, for instance, you can look at Profile > State > Variable Value

In ANOTHER action you must Variable Set. Try this, "CLEAR ALL VARIABLES" from the project, (just like the Factory App will, load, no pre-set variables..... Yes, no variables are exported, that's what I am saying)

THEN see if your project works and populates the Variables you need by Variable Set ACTIONS in TASKS (not profiles).

To repeat, when you Export As App, no variables transmit to the kid app from your Tasker set up, so ALL variables need to be Set (during an opening action etc ~~~~ Variable Set %MyVar to VarCustom if %MyVar ISN'T SET)
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