how to (regex?) search for specific variable set to 0

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Mar 26, 2024, 1:39:05 PMMar 26
to Tasker
I have way too many tasker profiles and tasks to manually find what I'm looking for.  There's some conflict I've created whereby a specific variable is being set to 0 when it shouldn't be (because I'm a bad 'programmer') 

How do i find any tasks or profiles that set %BTCNCTD to 0?  I've tried regex search .*set.*%BTCNCTD.% but that doesn't find anything

Just searching for %BTCNCTD gives me too may hits (as I refer to that variable a lot)

- Dave


Mar 26, 2024, 2:30:36 PMMar 26
to Tasker
oops I meant I've tried regex search .*set.*%BTCNCTD.*


Mar 26, 2024, 2:39:57 PMMar 26
Don't have time to look to see if this is easy, but if there is a way to export all profiles and tasks to XML/text file you could then start greping for the variable use.

Rich D

Mar 26, 2024, 3:57:39 PMMar 26
to Tasker Google Groups Post
Make a profile with the contacts of Event Variable Set and set the condition for that variable to be equal to zero.

Within the task just write to a log file the date, time value of a variable and %TRUN

Set the launch priority for that task. Very high. 

That will give you all the tasks running at the time the variable was changed. 

If you are lucky you're offending task will be in the log..

Another approach would me to enable and check the run log for the time the variable was set to zero. 

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