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May 1, 2022, 7:38:07 AMMay 1
to Tasker

I have a project where it will tell me if my bluetooth connected device loses connection and sends me alerts on the phone (works fine)

It also launches a task that saves the lat, long as %var at the point that disconnection was noticed (works fine)

Initially I tried to do a notification with a clickable link that launched Maps with the navigation to those coordinates inserted, but this proved to be... problematic, as Maps launches 'inside Tasker' and if you lost screen focus you had no way to go back to that screen, perm notification worked much the same plus it never went away, and it didn't launch reliably so I considered Intents as another option.

I've been playing with intents and I can launch an app with this task from within Tasker OK, and if I run the task for real it works. But only if screen is unlocked, if it's locked it won't launch app and will stop the task from proceeding. Is there a way to launch an app when phone is locked?

Perhaps some context here in case there's another factor. Phone is Huawei P30 Pro running Android 10 The app being launched is Google Maps. [Phone is all officially gApps supported so no weird bodging for Google services etc] 

Within the main task it runs a 'perform task' The first of these does a get locationv2 and saves lat, long as variables, waits a few secs (as accuracy is 10m) then runs the next 'perform task' Map Intent task which firsts launches Google Maps and then send intent, which uses this data,%SmartLongitude to tell Google Maps to navigate to those coordinates.

Works great with screen on, the intent task (which launches the app) doesn't if screen is off (although the remainder of the rest of the main task does)

I've also tried just 'launch app'' (no intents) but I don't know what data to put in the field there

Another thing I've tried with the same result. (plus it doesn't open maps as a separate app outside of Tasker)

Open Map action

mode: Navigate to

Lat, Long



In a perfect World I'd like very simply to be able to run Google Maps with directions to  said %Var with the screen off, as that's the state it will be in when the task gets triggered, plus the ability to  go back to the Maps screen if focus gets lost for whatever reason.

If it helps, I have pretty much every AutoTools app if that's what is needed.

I've tried on r/tasker but not had much luck there.


May 2, 2022, 8:11:01 AMMay 2
to Tasker
Have you tried testing for screen state and if off, turn it on before launching maps?


May 3, 2022, 6:23:19 AMMay 3
to Tasker
Actually, I tried + action Display > Turn On

and it worked! thank you

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