Open Shade if motion detected during time frame

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Oct 9, 2021, 2:54:57 PM (8 days ago) Oct 9
to Tasker

I was hoping you can help me figure out if Tasker is able to resolve an automation that neither Smartthings or Alexa seems to handle.

My issue is that when I create an automation that will open my shade if there's motion detected between 9am-11:59am, the automation will not execute if the motion began before 9am. If the motion begins after 9am it will execute.

I would like for the automation to execute at 9am if there's motion detected before that time.

I created a virtual Switch that mirrors the motion feature of the Ecobee sensor. I did this because I wasn't able to figure out how to get the task triggered using the values of the actual Ecobee sensor. With the virtual switch it's easy to use the "on" or "off" values of the switch. So if the Ecobee detects motion then the virtual switch turns on. 

I also created a virtual switch with an automation linked to it which opens the shade.

I've already subscribed to the virtual switch thru SharpTools. I'm attaching a screenshot of how I have it setup.

What am I doing wrong or do you have any suggestions on how to make this work.

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