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Feb 4, 2024, 4:40:40 PMFeb 4
to Tasker
On Android 14, I see the below sound controls on tasker and how it affect device sounds. The device only has Media, Alarm, Notification and Ringer sound controls.

  1. Setting Accessibility or Media volume with tasker, changes media volume on device
  2. Setting Alarm volume with tasker changes Alarm volume on device
  3. Setting notification volume with tasker changes notification volume on device
  4. Setting Ringer/System/DMTF volumes with tasker changes Ringer volume on device. The 3 settings always have the same value.

  • Setting In-call volume with Tasker changes call volume on device, but this is not a setting I see on the device. But I can see it change using Tasker. Does it do anything to the device at all?
  • Setting BT volume with tasker doesn't seem to change anything.. and it's not even returned by GetMaxAudioVolumes() tasker volume. What's this setting for?

Marta Hintz

Mar 7, 2024, 7:45:59 PMMar 7
to Tasker
it depends on your phone I guess.  in call volume sets your volume when on a call, & the BT volume set the BT volume.  It's not rocket science.  LOL   If your phone doesn't support it, then it is what it is.  On older phones it worked that way.  cheers!
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