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Nov 27, 2008, 7:37:18 AM11/27/08
to tarpipe
I've just discovered tarpipe and love it. I think it could easily be
the plumbing that pulls the whole world (of user information)
It's not that easy to use yet for the simple reason that there is no
help. The wiring works simply etc and it could be so simple.
So here is an example. I like the look of the text formatter
connector. I can understand the first text input and can understand
that I need to feed it with a format. A string that says BOLD? I
don't know. But, and this is my main point, it only needs a very
trivial tooltip type info to say eg: BOLD and I am off and running.
Whether the tooltip pops up over the connector's connector or in the
status bar or anywhere doesn't bother me.

It's a simple step to make a good app into a great one.

Off to try BOLD now!


Bruno Pedro

Nov 27, 2008, 7:50:59 AM11/27/08
to tarpipe
Hi Ant,

Thanks for the feedback.

You're absolutely right. We're working right now on the tooltips and
also on a wider help.

The TextFormatter connector attempts to format two pieces of text
("text1" and "text2") according to a given format. The default format
is "%s : %s" which replaces %s by "text1" and "text2" and concatenates
both strings separating them by the ":" character.

Making a text bold won't work on all situations because some services
(twitter, for instance) won't interpret any HTML code that you
publish. Nevertheless you could make "text1" bold by inputing the
string "<strong>%s</strong>" into the "format" input of the

I hope this information clarifies how the TextFormatter works.

Bruno Pedro
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