What is Back-End Programming?

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If you are new to the world of programming, you know what programming is , but you may not be familiar with some of the terminology. In general, web developers and developers are divided into back and front end. In this article, we are going to fully explain what Back-End is and help you to become a professional back-end worker. 

What is Back-End?

Back -End is the part of a website or application that users are unable to view. In other words, Backend, the brain is a site that is responsible for controlling logic. The code written in the backend section is not directly connected to the system but is sent to the user’s browser through the server; This is why backends are also called server side programming.

Highlights of the Server Site include the following:

  • The browser does not understand server-side programming languages ​​and is not available to users.
  • The browser has no duty to read or receive code. Rather, it displays the code that is processed on the main server to the user.
  • Wherever dynamic information is needed, server-side languages ​​should be used.

As you know, on the other side of the issue is the server side, the user side or the client side. In short, there is a Client Side wherever you are going to interact with your user. User-side scripts are processed by the recipient or your system browser and have nothing to do with supporting servers.

In general, according to experts, the backend site is like an iceberg hidden under the oceans, and the front end site is an icy peak that everyone can see. Although the two parts of the server side and the user side are different from each other, but they are directly related to each other and creating a problem in each of them, creates problems in the performance of the site.

What is the difference between Front and End and Back and End?

As explained in the previous section, backend programming is about writing code that the user cannot see, but front-end programming is about exactly what the user sees when they log in to a site. And it can interact with the site you want. In fact, backend and front end are two opposite and complementary poles in web programming.

Who is a Back-End Developer?

In general, a back-end programmer is someone who codes the back-end part of a website so that the user cannot view it. This part of the site is always running in the background and has a function similar to the Windows desktop. Backend developers play a key role in web development and design teams. In the following, you will get to know a backend expert in more detail.

What are the duties of a Back-End programmer?

As mentioned, backend jobs have important tasks in the web design team. In the following, you will be briefly acquainted with their duties.

  • Manage the database and create and integrate it
  • Use backend frameworks to build server-side software
  • Have sufficient knowledge about web server technologies
  • Integrating cloud computing
  • Full familiarity with different types of operating systems
  • Maintenance of content management systems
  • Prevent system hacking and have enough information about security settings
  • Website data analysis
  • Integrating APIs _
What are the skills of a back-end specialist?

The backend expert, like all behind-the-scenes actors in a film, must be well versed in the job and have the necessary skills in their specialty. In this way, what the user sees as a result of the work will be flawless. Here are the skills you need to work in this field:

Mastery of server side programming language

Those who are going to work in this field must be fluent in at least one of the server-side programming languages. It is also better to be sufficiently aware of the specialized topics of the programming language and thus achieve the following results:

  • Codes are written more securely.
  • The code will be executed faster.
  • Will be able to write object-oriented programs.
Database or data

The coding of a backend programmer is valuable when it can be used to connect to a database and store information on it; Therefore, the backend specialist must also have the necessary skills in this field.

Rational mind and analyst

Anyone who is active in the backend profession or is about to enter the field needs to know, first of all, that they face many challenges and issues. To solve these problems requires a logical thinking and proper analysis. Of course, not everyone needs to have this skill subconsciously and congenitally, but this type of thinking can be achieved over time and practice.

Ability to ask important and efficient questions

The fact is that the more theoretical literacy you have in a particular field, the more practical experience you still need. The field of programming is no exception to this rule. Therefore, when a problem arises, you need to be able to ask the right questions from colleagues or experts in the field to get the answer you expect. In addition, many server-side programmers work remotely. For this reason, in order to be able to achieve a desirable job position, you must also strengthen your negotiation skills.

Advanced Topics in Programming Language

In addition to learning the languages ​​required in the profession, you need to be well versed in their advanced topics. Advanced topics refer to the professional capabilities of a programming language. That means you can use it to write professional and advanced code. The cleaner and more professional the code you write, the higher the efficiency of the code and the faster and stronger your service will be. For example, in PHP programming, if you have the ability to write code in Object Oriented, the final code will be much cleaner and faster.

What are backend programming languages?

There are several programming languages ​​for backend coding, such as Java, PHP , Python , SQL , .NET , and C # , but in this section, we will introduce three of the most common ones.


This relatively old and popular language has been used by many programmers. One of the strengths and reasons for the popularity of this language is having a virtual machine that makes it easy to compile and execute code in systems.


Undoubtedly, it is one of the most widely used PHP server-side languages, which has contributed to the creation of 80 % of websites. This language is generally used in software programming, cookie setting and data collection.


Python is one of the most serious competitors to Java and PHP today. The ease of learning and using it has made it popular with many backend programmers.

C # programming language #C

C # is another language used in the backend domain. Among its features, we can mention the modern, simple, partisan, object-oriented, logical and efficient language. About the history of C #, which was made by Microsoft in 2000. C # uses ASP . Net technology to create and design the site. It is good to know that C # has a lot to say in the world of programming today, but its job market is very hot in our country. Websites such as Targeted Web Traffic, etc. have been designed and created using ASP.Net technology under C #.

Perl programming language

One of the most important features of this backend language is its fun. Perl is a multi-application hybrid programming language that is both fast and reliable. It can be used in a wide variety of areas. In fact, Perl language is used in the fields of military and artificial intelligence to industrial design and. 

Ruby language

A prominent and important feature of Ruby, which is another special language of Backend, is its open source, object-oriented and simplicity. Using this flexible language, you can create fast and free programs, and at the same time enjoy the unique properties of object-oriented.

SQL language

As we said in the previous sections, one of the most important skills a backend must have is the ability to work with databases. SQL is one of the most prominent languages ​​for working with databases. This language was created to create databases and access their information. Therefore, those who deal with areas such as data mining or data in general should be fluent in this language. Wherever there is a database, the SQL header is found. This is usually the first choice of programmers to work with databases.

What is the income of backend programmers?

Java-based programming in recent years has led American professionals to earn about $ 90,000 a year. In our country, the income of this job does not have a fixed and fixed amount, but usually Java experts, depending on the type of project and the role they play, can have a monthly income. In the United States, the income of those who specialize in PHP programming is about 80,000 dollars, and in Iran, the average salary in this field is reported to be per month.

The annual income of Python specialists in the United States is approximately $ 90,000 per year, which in Iran reaches an average of 3 to. Programming using SQL in the US earns $95,000 a year. While in Iran, experts in this field have a monthly income of about 3 to 5 million. It should be noted that in addition to the figures provided, the salary of a back-end programmer generally depends entirely on the level of ability and type of organization and project and may differ from this statistic.

and at the end

In this article, we tried to fully explain what Back-End is and how you can prepare yourself to start working in this field. To become a professional back-end worker, you must be able to master server-side programming languages ​​well and develop other required skills. What other skills do you think are needed to become a good programmer, other than technical skills? Share your valuable comments with us.

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