What Is Organic Traffic?

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Organic traffic is a term used to describe a visit to a website from organic search engine results and not to use paid advertising.

When users do a search on search engines (such as Google or Bing), they are presented with a set of results that includes pages ranked organically in the top positions.

The main difference between organic traffic and purchase organic traffic is that organic traffic is free

Of course, a set of ads (usuallywith the word Ad) is defined to distinguish them from organic results.

The main difference between organic traffic and purchased traffic is that organic traffic is free.

There Are Two Ways To Get Traffic From Search Engines:
  • The first way is for your website to rank high in search results using SEO.
  • The second way is to use Google Ads to place your ads on top of organic results with ads.

With SEO you can get traffic for free, but it is not immediate, SEO takes time and results.

On the other hand, with PPC advertising, you can get results faster, but every time someone clicks on your ads and visits your website, you have to pay.

Another difference between organic and purchased traffic is that as soon as you stop buying ads, traffic to your website will decrease.

While organic traffic, as long as you have high rankings, you can use your website traffic.

The process of marketing your website in search engines organically or through paid advertising is called search engine marketing.

Why Is Organic Traffic Important?

Buying Targeted Organic traffic is very important? because it increases the trust of the website

Organic traffic is the most important form of traffic for your website. In fact, it is more important than purchased traffic.

The Reason Is Simple: Organic Traffic Is Targeted.

Search engine assistants have a very specific purpose, and if you can provide a solution or answer their question, you will most likely get a new customer or follower.

In addition to the above, organic traffic is very important because it increases the trust of the website and also has several other benefits.

Users trust Google, and websites that are organically ranked top in Google are trusted by users.

Organic search traffic in Google Analytics

One way to monitor your organic traffic is through training with Google Analytics.

Sign into Google Analytics and go to ACQUISITION> ALL TRAFFIC> CHANNELS.

See the ORGANIC SEARCH report. This is the number of visits you receive from organic traffic, i.e., from the organic results of search engines.

Monitor The Amount Of Organic Traffic

Google / organic is organic traffic from Google, Bing / organic is traffic from Bing and.

Organic Traffic in Google Search Console

Another way to see how many times your organic traffic has been from Google and for which keywords has been received is to use the Google Search Console.

Sign into Google Search Console and go to PERFORMANCE> SEARCH.

The QUERIES tab shows you which keywords your website is showing for organic Google results and the number of hits you get (clicks).

The PAGES tab shows you which page of your website appeared on Google Search and how many views they received.

Organic traffic and other traffic sources

Organic traffic is not the only form of traffic, you will see the following by looking at your analytical reports:

Paid Organic Search Traffic: As explained above, this is the traffic that comes to your website through paid search ads.

Direct Traffic: When someone enters a web address in a browser, it goes directly to your website, this is recorded in Google Analytics as direct traffic.

Referral Traffic: When a person clicks on a link on another website and comes to your website, this is recorded as referral traffic.

Source: https://opencollective.com/targeted-organic-traffic

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