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Targeted Visitors

Dec 6, 2021, 7:06:59 PM12/6/21
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 All the principles of SEO go with the aim of increasing the amount of traffic and visits to the site. In this case, this site will be ranked well in Google rankings. Of course, it has already been said that not every user is suitable for the site, but only a regular user can successfully increase the ranking of your site while the effect is lasting. But the interesting point that you need to know, according to the principles of SEO and opinion, site visits are divided into two types:

Real (organic) visits

This type of visit is related to when the user searches for Google.

Buying Google visits and increasing site visits will reduce Alexa rank and increase website rank in GoogleBuying site visits is possible in the following ways. You can register your order according to the type of increase in visits.

Also, if you need to increase the video traffic of YouTube video shopping section, if you want to increase the social signal and increase the Instagram video traffic, you can register your order from the Instagram traffic shopping page .

5 Ways to Collect User Feedback and Improve Your Website traffic.jpghttps://insidehusinesshubs.tistory.com/5

Buy site visits and Google

Tariff for increasing site visits varies according to the type of visit order and the time the user stays on the site. The types of methods to increase site visits and improve site ranking in Google are as follows

  • Buy Google Hits With Custom Keywords 
  • Buy direct website visits
  • Increase site visits through social networks 
  • Increase social site signal

How to increase Google Input

The user searches for the keyword you are looking for on Google and searches for your link on the search results page. After finding your link, click on it and it will enter your site and stay on your site as much as you specified. Currently, the average user retention time on the site is 120 seconds. The longer a user stays on your site after clicking on search results, the lower the site bounce rate will be. Of course, clicking on the internal pages of the site and increasing the page view will also increase your site's ranking in Google

You can beat your Google competitors and succeed in your business by increasing the Google search system or increasing Google admission. Buy and Sell Real Google Visits Ask Google 98 for your inbound purchase.


Purchased visits

In this case, you are paying to website traffic booster to advertise your site link on a part of its page, and by doing so, you have advertised and thus publicly purchased the visit.

Benefits of buying Google Input

  • Your keyword is naturally searched with real users’ IPs
  • Each person can search for your keyword only once in 24 hours
  • It is possible to set the visit time between 120 and 240 seconds to reduce the bounce rate of your site
  • Visits are done by different computer and mobile platforms

You can register your order by selecting the type of visit through the form below


Buying site traffic among webmasters was very important because they could increase their ranking in Google faster, but this has disadvantages that it is recommended not to buy traffic:

Visits may not be real.

Sometimes webmasters buy traffic packages and see for a few days that their rankings increase rapidly, but then they see a drop and a return to the first house. This shows that the carbs were not real because if they were, they would still visit your site in the coming days.

Visits are real but not related to your site.

Assuming that the visits are real, but if the user is not interested in the topic of your site, it still will not work because these visits are not targeted. In this case, these users will leave your site immediately. As a result, your site bounce rate increases and this means that for Google, the quality of your site is low, thus having a negative impact on your site ranking.


Increasing the visit is not beneficial for you.

This is especially true for sites that sell products. When you want to increase your site traffic, it is definitely to increase the sales of your product. So, if users are unrealistic, not only will they not be of any benefit to you, but you will also not wasting your money on buying targeted visitors.


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