Really real live shows 😎 in Alaska (and some online, too)

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Aug 6, 2021, 4:06:17 PMAug 6
Hi to our friends everywhere!

Apparently it’s really happening. We’ll be stepping up in front of a live audience tomorrow. Still with precautions - half capacity theatre, microphone covers, disinfectant and all… Here we go!

Aug 7 - GALWAY DAYS. 12:05 is our set (= 9:05 in Ireland&UK). We're just before the first intermission. Full schedule below.
            Sydney Lawrence Theatre (in the PAC), Anchorage, or on Youtube.
Aug 20 - ALASKA STATE FAIR, Bluebonnet Stage (outdoors). 6 - 7 pm, we’ll be playing a set with our friend Shonti Elder
Aug 26 - ALASKA STATE FAIR, Bluebonnet Stage (outdoors). 6 - 7 pm, we’ll be playing a set with our friend Shonti Elder
Sept 4 - TUMBLEWEED MUSIC FESTIVAL is virtual again this year, but Tania and Felicia go live on Zoom for a hurdy gurdy workshop. 
            Also pre-recorded festival sets from Opland-Freeman, from Pint & Dale, and from Les Strompettes.
Sept 5 - ALASKA STATE FAIR, Bluebonnet Stage (outdoors). 3 - 3:45, Tania and Mike in a duo set.

Phew. If we have time, we’ll also squeeze in a live stream concert on August 28, but we don’t want to overload you, or us!
Check our calendar for updates, at

Hope to see you out there, either live or online.
🌈🎶 Tania & Mike

🌞   🌻   🌤   ☀️   D E T A I L S   🌞   🌻   🌤   ☀️   🌞   🌻   🌤   ☀️   D E T A I L S   🌞   🌻   🌤   ☀️   🌞   🌻   🌤   ☀️
Aug 7GALWAY DAYS. Sydney Lawrence Theatre, Anchorage, or on Youtube. 11:00  Jubilee (video) / 11:20  Wade Hampton Miller (live) / 11: 40 Philip Price (video) / 12:05  Opland - Freeman (live) / 12:30  Intermission / 1:00   Brian Conway (video) / 1:25   MS Cloggers (live) / 1:35  Caitlin Warbelow (live) / 2:00  John Walsh (video) / 2:30  Derry Aires (live) / 2:55  Intermission / 3:10  Wings to Fly (live) / 3:30  Irish Dance Academy of Alaska (live)

Aug 20 & 26 -ALASKA STATE FAIR, 6 - 7 pm. Two unexpected and much appreciated opportunities for us to play some Irish music with dear friend and extraordinary fiddler Shonti Elder on the Bluebonnet Stage (outdoors) - the BEST stage at the State Fair.

Aug 28 - Maybe a live stream concert, but we’ll have to get back to you about that one!

Sept 4TUMBLEWEED MUSIC FESTIVAL is virtual again this year, featuring pre-recorded sets from Opland - Freeman, Pint & Dale and Les Strompettes.
Opland-Freeman and Pint & Dale also appear in the Tribute concert “Songs of Alice Winship."
"Live” (via Zoom) workshop Saturday 1pm Pacific Time: Les Strompettes (Felicia Dale & Tania Opland) present --
"It's a Hurdy Gurdy: Demonstrations of hurdy gurdy features and techniques, and answers to your questions." To sign up and get Zoom login information, send an email with "5 - It's a Hurdy Gurdy" in the subject line to

Sept 5ALASKA STATE FAIR  3:00 - 3:45 pm. Tania and Mike will be singing and playing selections from our treasure trove of music on the Bluebonnet Stage (outdoors)  - the BEST stage at the State Fair.

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