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Sep 8, 2023, 12:10:29 AMSep 8
Hello everyone.

The two festival bookings we were hoping to play this month - Tumbleweed last weekend and Pt Townsend Wooden Boat Fest this weekend - had to be put off until next year as we’ve returned to Anchorage for a parental medical emergency. I suppose if we measure one cancelled month against 30 years of touring, we’re not doing too badly. (That’s 30 years as a duo after Tania had a 10 year head start!) Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of singing with Mom and entertaining many nurses who were stopping into her hospital rooms. We may take some instruments to Mom’s assisted living apartment, too, and see if we can share a bit of music with a small group of folks who can’t get out to events any more.

Looking ahead, the next big deal on the calendar is a return to live touring for our ❄️ WINTER’S RETURN ❄️ concerts with William Pint and Felicia Dale. So far, shows are planned in Pasco WA (Dec 2), Suquamish WA (Dec 8), Pt Townsend WA (Dec 9), Seattle WA (Dec 16) and Lynnwood WA (Dec 21). We’ll be sending details closer to the season, along with any more dates that get booked. If you have ideas for more venues, please let us know!

Huge thanks to our patrons on Patreon! Even in the best of times, cobbling together a living as touring musicians is a rocky road, and these last few years have not been the best of times. A base of supporters came on board when the pandemic hit, some with sizable monthly contributions. We’ve encouraged a move toward smaller contributions and would love to see more people join in. Patronage is not only helpful in keeping our heads above water through the inevitable thin patches, but it is positively inspiring.

Looking forward to calmer waters ahead,
💕🎶 Tania & Mike

TANIA OPLAND & MIKE FREEMAN - Acoustic World Music -

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