Last updates of the year and a short Zen story.

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Moti Buchboot

Dec 21, 2011, 12:38:58 AM12/21/11
Hello friends,
Happy holidays, and great new year.
Here are the updates:
As you know Emily is out of the country (in Florida), so for the last class of the year and the first class of next year (January 3rd) I will be assisted by my first dance partner the great Lisa Pettett.
Last Class of the year Wednesday the 21st Special technique lesson from 8-9:15 and Intermediate lesson 9:15-10:30 all for $15 or $12 if you are a student.
Last Promenade milonga of the year Sunday 25th of December 4pm- until the battery lasts (10 or so).
Starting January Santa Monica classes will switch to Tuesday evenings.
See you around.

Carrying the Woman

Two Zen monks were traveling. They came to a ford of a stream that was running high, and the current was strong and frightening looking. An attractive young lady was standing at the ford, looking nervous. She clearly was afraid to cross, but had an important reason to go. Without a word, the older of the two monks lifted her in his arms and waded across the stream, and placed her safely on the far bank. The younger monk looked shocked at this action, but kept his silence for quite some number of miles as they continued their journey. Finally, he blurted out "You know that it is against the rules of our order to have any contact with women. How could you do that?".

The older monk replied "I put her down when I reached the other side of the river. You, on the other hand, have been carrying her this whole way."

(an old Zen story)

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