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Washington based Baha'i lobby group(s)

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Sep 2, 2009, 10:11:26 PM9/2/09
See the book "Government's end: why Washington stopped working" by
Jonathan Rauch, pg 41-42:

"A sign of the times was the opening of the Baha'i religion's
Washington lobbying office in July 1987, complete with a staff of
four and a budget of $400,000 - a telling moment, because the Baha'i
faith requires its members to abstain from politics. When I peaked
through the Baha'is window one day, the only remarkable feature of
their Washington office was that it looked exactly like every other
Washington office".

Book overview

"An earlier edition of this extraordinarily prescient, elegantly
written book created a sensation among Washington media insiders when
it was published more than five years ago under the title
Demosclerosis. In it, Jonathan Rauch, a former correspondent for The
Economist and a columnist for National Journal, showed with startling
clarity the reasons why America's political system (and, in fact,
other political systems as well) was becoming increasingly
ineffective. Today, as Rauch's predictions continue to manifest
themselves in a national politics of "sound and fury" and little
effective legislation, and in increasing voter cynicism, this book has
achieved renown as the classic and essential work on why politics and
government don't work.In Government's End, Rauch has completely
rewritten and updated his earlier work to reassess his theory, analyze
the political stalemate of the last few years, and explain why
sweeping reform efforts of the kind led by Ronald Reagan, Bill
Clinton, and Newt Gingrich aren't the answers. He also looks ahead at
what is likely to happen—or not happen—next, and proposes ideas for
what we must do to fix the system.For anyone who cares about the
health of American democracy—and indeed of international security—
Government's End is a fascinating, disturbing, and vitally important

Limited preview - 1999 - 295 pages - Business & Economics This book
has a more recent edition (2000).

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