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There is little or nothing "spiritual" about Baha’i administration. It is simply a "modernist" facade on backwardness!

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Ravi Kumar

Aug 8, 2011, 9:06:11 AM8/8/11
The Universal House of Justice is the head of Baha’i Faith. Its
permanent seat is at the Baha’i World Centre in Haifa, and all members
reside here for the duration of their service.

The regular election of the nine members of the House of Justice
occurs every five years at an international convention, held in Haifa.
The most recent election was in 2008.

Till date there have been 10 elections (‘63, ’68, ’73, ’78, ’83, ’88,
’93, ’98, ’03, and ’08) of UHJ. There have been five by-elections, in
1982, 1987, 2000, 2005 and 2010.

Amoz Gibson, Charles Wolcott and Adib Taherzadeh died while serving.
The other 13 former members were allowed by the House to resign,
presumably for personal reasons of health and/or age. Five members
(Hakim, Kavelin, Hofman, Chance, Ruhe and Peter Khan) have died after
their retirement, while the other eight former members are alive, as
of August 2011.

The previous change in membership was when two other members chose to
retire in 2007. There was no by-election since they stayed on until
the regular election scheduled for April 2008. Since the House of
Justice is elected every 5 years, it seems that Dunbar and Khan
decided to leave ‘early’ rather than wait another few years until
April 2013.

Hartmut Grossmann and Glenford E. Mitchell were replaced by Shahriar
Razavi and Gustavo Correa – both members of the ITC (naturally).


This clearly indicates that a SELECTION PROCESS is operating behind
the scene.

UHJ membership and International Teaching Centre

The most important trend is that we have, since 2008, a membership
drawn completely from the ITC – which itself is appointed by the
Universal House of Justice. So in essence, there is a closed loop with
the UHJ appointing its future candidates. This also shows that ITC
acts as screening committee for future UHJ members.

By having UHJ members constantly elected from the ITC, it is almost a
type of silent campaigning going on. These individuals are given a
visible role in front of NSAs whereas any normal Baha’i out there
would never stand a chance to be known. This guarantees no fresh blood
- new Baha’is who are outside of the loop of administration who could
possibly bring in a different perspective. Hence you only get people
who are inside the system who will perpetuate the same thought
patterns. And you get these people because they are the only ones
paraded in front of the NSAs!

These special group of people (ITC) are given a platform where they
and only they are seen right there and then by a group of people who
are about to vote. No other Baha’i, no matter how great his/her
service, will ever have that same opportunity to be seen. This is done
with a purpose. What happens is that the selection of a group of
people that are called future members of House of Justice? This

The members of the ITC are in fact given a geographic mandate, just
like the UHJ members themselves, and travel extensively to meet with
the NSA's around the world. They also meet with other parts of the
administration and the community at times to give speeches, attend
events, etc.

Being on the ITC gives an unparalleled platform for visibility and
access to NSAs – (Vote Bank!!). Appointment on ITC is also an
indication to the electors that the House is keen in electing these
people only.

The UHJ election process is obviously fixed. The ITC members are pre-
screened for ideological purity and are then provided with
unparalleled exposure which obviates the need for explicit

UHJ membership and Iranians

Presented below is an interesting piece of statistic:

No. Name Years Total years Years of Iranians Nationality
1 Charles Walcott 63-88 25
2 Amoz Gibson 63-83 20
3 Hushmand Fatheazam 63-03 40 40 Iranian
4 Hugh Chance 63-93 30
5 Borrah Kavelin 63-88 25
6 Ian Sample 63-08 45
7 Lutfullah Hakim 63-68 05 05 Iranian
8 David Hofman 63-88 25
9 Ali Nakhjawani 63-03 40 40 Iranian
10 David S. Ruhe 68-93 25
11 Glenford Mitchell 82-08 26
12 Adib Taherzadeh 88-03 15 15 Iranian
13 Hooper Dunbar 88-09 21
14 Peter Khan 87-09 21
15 Douglas Martin 93-99 06
16 Farzam Arbab 93-… 18 18 Iranian
17 Kiser Barnes 00-… 11
18 Harmut Grossman 03-08 05
19 Firayduon Javaheri 03-… 08 08 Iranian
20 Paul Lample 05-… 06
21 Payman Mohajer 05-… 06 06 Iranian
22 Shahriar Razavi 08-… 03 03 Iranian
23 Gustavo Correa 08-… 03
24 Mr. Stephen Birkland 10-… 01
25 Mr. Stephen Hall 10-… 01


Till today there are 25 members who have been elected on UHJ for
different duration, out of which 8 members are of Iranian origin. This
amounts to 31.5% which is reasonably very high for just one country.
The Cradle of the Faith gets priority!!The present UHJ has 4 Iranian
members and the percentage is 44%.

The total number of years of all the 25 members who have served on UHJ
is 431 years out of which the 8 Iranian members share is 135 years
which comes out to be again 31.3 %. Strange coincidence, isn’t it?

When comparison of Iranian Baha’i population with respect to World
Baha’i population is done it is again found to be 30%, which puts
everything in its proper perspective. (30,000 Iranian Baha’is against
100,000 total Baha’i populations.)

Till today there have been 26 members from International Teaching
Centre, out of which 6 were Iranians. Percentage 23%.

If we take account of all the members of NSAs of the world, the
percentage of Iranian Baha’is on the NSAs of different countries will
be approximately 25% to 30%.

Even for the 85 continental board of Counselors appointed all over the
world, the percentage of Iranian counselors will be near the same


This clearly shows that Baha’i Faith is Iranian dominated Faith where
the citizens of other countries are enrolled to work under and for the

Baha’i administration has a distinct Iranian culture of domination and
tendencies toward predatory corporatism. It is deeply anti-democratic
and anti-progressive.

In reality these Iranians, who rise to the top of Haifan Baha’i
Administration are only proficient and successful at one thing:
perpetuating dysfunctional organizational culture, lies and abuse of
authority. For example, Mr. Payman Mohajer (of Iranian origin) has
claimed that by 2021 there will be 50 million Baha’is all over the
world. An extreme case of delusion.

There is little or nothing "spiritual" about Baha’i administration. It
is simply a "modernist" facade on backwardness!

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Aug 15, 2011, 11:42:09 AM8/15/11
Thank you for this informative post, Ravi.
Truth is the enemy of falsehood.
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