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A. A study of Baha'i institution

Many control mechanisms relate to the electoral system and the
realities of power are existing in the Baha'i community. Early Baha’is
allowed nominations to be made for Baha’i office, and also allowed
campaigning for Baha’i Institution. When early Baha’is asked ‘Abdu’l-
Baha, how they should conduct elections for local spiritual
assemblies ? He replied that they should follow the rules for
elections common in their own country
(‘Abdu’l-Baha 1908-1916: I,7).

Van den Hoonard points out that nominations and canvassing for Baha’i
office were standard practice in North America in the time of ‘Abdu’l-
Baha (van den Hoonard 1996:157-158).

Baha'i Institutions abolished the practice of nominations and
campaigning for elective Baha’i office in accordance with Iranian
Baha’i practice. Although ending these practices appears to have a
reason, as the community grew, it became impossible for Baha’i
elective institutions to have a control over the elections and to
bring only those candidates whom they rely and decide.


Criticism of Baha’i institutions by a Baha’i is considered an act of
“Covenant Breaking” and is often branded a “dishonest attack” on the
Baha’i faith, punishable by shunning. After a vote has been taken, all
the members of the Baha’i community must support the result, and
defeated minorities may not continue to criticize. This theory of
political behavior denies the need for checks and balances.

The placing of elected bodies above public criticism and the silencing
of defeated minorities has had predictable effects at the national



The National Spiritual Assembly enjoys all the advantages of
controlling the image of potential NSA members in the national
newspaper, The Baha’i News India (an organ of the N.S.A.), sending
these incumbents to local communities, and sending members around to
conferences, which enhances their visibility (all this is paid for out
of the national Baha’i fund). These advantages of incumbency are
especially very useful in a system where no campaigning for office by
others is allowed.

The sitting members often promote close associates onto the body,
“flying them around to conferences,” appointing them to high-powered
national committees, and giving them prominence at important events .
Since speaking openly about candidates is not allowed, subtle non-
verbal signals have taken on extreme importance for delegates, who
seem willing to be guided by the incumbents in these indirect ways.

So the future members of the NSA is made a part of an orchestra
conducted by the N.S.A Formally approved by Universal House of Justice
and supported by the Continental Counselor present in the Convention.

Some campaigns are launched by unannounced candidates who go about the
country giving talks. Such informal campaigning, the National
Spiritual Assembly occasionally stops by ordering the person’s talks
cancelled, or, if chairmanship of a national committee is becoming a
platform for popularity, by firing the individual.

Baha’is call these manipulation of elections, as divinely inspired.
Control Mechanisms and Sanctions.

Baha’i leaders employ a number of important control mechanisms to
control the Baha’is. These include removal of voting rights, shunning,
demands for sticking to traditions, accusations of “weakness in the
covenant,” informing and surveillance, and various forms of
censorship. Many of these tools are employed basically against persons
who are somehow prominent or appear to have leadership potential but
do not seem easy for incumbents to control, or against intellectuals

The prohibition of nominations and campaigning leads administrators to
feel a need for strict controls on Baha’i discourse, and often to the
avoidance of even mentioning leaders by name in public, which would be
considered as “backbiting.”

The ban on campaigning leads to a situation where a great deal of
suspicion falls on any active intellectual not directly controlled by
the N.S.A. Great suspicion attaches to any Baha’i teacher or lecturer
who is not an elected or appointed official and is thought to be
“gaining a following.”:

B. A study of Indian Baha’i Institution

National Convention

Till about 1986 there were about 171 delegates, courtesy Oliyai
Family. These delegates were in accordance with the paper Baha’is
projected by the Oliyai family which controlled the NSA elections.
False statistics were given by which a large number of delegates were
procured.These delegates were given free Delhi trip and free lodging
and boarding and were asked to vote for particular candidates .One of
the delegate reported “While all of us were coming from Gwalior in a
Jeep for National Convention, one of the delegates said,” Nissan
Oliyai is a very good boy, vote for him.”

Many of the decisions of the NSA were taken outside NSA as Oliyai
family enjoyed the majority. A set of decisions were made and it was
circulated amongst their friends to finally approve them in the

Once the members were of no use they were dropped from the NSA list in
the next elections.
Mr. Bargawa in 1972
Mr. Khare in 1986
Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi in 2000
Mr. Khemani in 2000
Mr. Shah in 2003

Later on the UHJ cut short the number of delegates from 171 to 38 to
cut Oliyai family to size, but HOUSE failed miserably.
Letter of Universal House of Justice dated 20th September 1988
The allocation of 38 delegated to India is a temporary measure.
{11th meeting of NSA, 26th and 27th may 1993.}

Canvassing in the National Convention
i. A full scale canvassing is being done during the National
convention, the NSA members show deep interest in the delegates
enquiring about every minor and finer points of their states, to
convey to the delegates that they are very true and faithful Baha’is
and always wish for the development of the Faith in his state. This
concern goes down till the Ballot paper. And once the Election is
over, everything is backed to original state.

ii. Some of the members although unable to pronounce clearly Allahabha
use to greet every delegate with a loud welcome of ALLAHUABHA .To show
that they are completely PERSIANISED.

iii. The NSA members also do not fail in giving treats to the
delegates of ICE CREAMS, who under ordinary days will not even bother
to glance at them.

iv. The consultation during conventions are a major platform to
project the Candidates for the NSA election. All the speeches are
occupied by outgoing NSA members where they leave no stone unturned to
show that they are the one “Human with potentials” and deserved to
become the NSA members.

v. Although Hindi is the Mother Tongue of a large number of the
delegates, the NSA members will give big speeches in English, which is
not even understood by a large number of delegates, but English is the
effective way of proving that they are PERSONS WITH CAPACITY

vi. The NSA also decides during the year to have meetings in different
states. This is just a publicity stunt and to impress the delegates
who will be attending the convention.

False Voting

A teller reported that a number of Ballot papers are received by post
with the same name repeated in the same order showing that the source
of all these ballot papers are one

The total numbers of delegates present in the convention were 17. The
total number of ballots received and counted were 33.
All these is well known by the Counsellor present in the convention.
It all takes place with the effective approval of the UHJ as they do
not want any unapproved member on NSA .

UHJ interference in elections

Many a times the appointment of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer came
from UHJ, there was no election, only selection, but it was announced
as election of the office bearers. It was clear that the House was
very interested in appointment of certain member as a Treasurer.

Many a times Members of the House attended the NSA of India meeting
and requested certain members to resign.

Present Scenario

The UHJ controls every bit of NSA members and their decisions,

Mr. Payman Mohajir is the person responsible for India .He is in
direct contact with Mrs. Farideh Vahidi who cares a damn not only to
the various departments of NSA but also to her host Country.
When one of the employees of the Baha'i House, who was unjustly
removed after his long years of services asked her to follow the law
of the Land,
She said I care a damn about your Country and its Laws.

The election of Mrs. Sorabji is actually an election of Mr.
Sorabji .It should be known that a non-Baha'i Mr. Sorabji is more
useful to the Faith then Mrs. Sorabji. As amount of power he yields in
the Government.

Mr. Sohail Mohajir, Yes the Surname matters a lot to UHJ.

So the main decision taker is UHJ through Mr. Paymen Mohajir supported
by Mrs. Vahidi, Mrs. Sorabji Mrs. Nazneen Rohani and ofcourse one can
take Mr. Mohajir for granted because of his surname.

To put aside any discrepancies Mr. Satnam is appointed as the
consultant showing the real position of Indian counselors.

Not to mention all other members NSA are just a show piece.
Congrats to Mr. Sarwal and Dr. Ansari for their self respect.





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Many, many thanks for this. What you detail in this post here
highlights the Soviet-like, Leninist system of centralized
administration which the Haifan Bahai administration functions like
all the way.



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