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Dr. Payman Mohajer solves the 'Greatest Mystery' of Baha’i Faith

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Robert Well

Feb 27, 2012, 11:52:55 AM2/27/12
During one of the training sessions for Teachers/Animators of Study
circle, Dr. Mohajer, the member of Universal House of Justice posed a
thought-provoking question to the participants, "What is the purpose
of our core activities?"

Dr. Mohajer then went on to share an explanation, by giving the
example of a glass. He said that “while it is not inaccurate to say
that the glass is transparent, it is evident that transparency is not
the purpose of the glass. Transparency is one of the attributes of the
glass, but its purpose is to hold liquid. Similarly, one of the
attributes of our core activities is that they become portals for
entry by troops or instruments for teaching - but that is not their
....Now if someone were to ask us whether the purpose of our inviting
them to join study circles is to make them Bahá’ís, we can confidently
say 'NO' and tell them that the purpose of our core activities is to
assist in the transformation and betterment of society.”

This thought provoking question has many answers hidden inside it. One
of the biggest mysteries of the Baha’i Faith – ‘not teaching the Faith
in Israel’ can be solved very easily. Infact those who are well
acquainted with the Iranian culture and their ways of thinking will
realize that Mr. Payman Mohajer, a die hard supporter of Persian
Baha’is in Baha’i Administration has very easily open the doors for
teaching Ruhi Book in Israel.

His Message on behalf of Universal House of Justice is : “Let us start
children moral classes in Israel of children aged between 6 to 11
years, Jr. Youth classes for age between 12 to 15 years, launch
Intensive program of growth, contact the parents of the children and
Jr. youth, invite them to study circles, try to make them good human
beings, develop essential virtues such as the knowledge of God,
trustworthiness, honesty and justice, build a strong moral framework
that will assist children/Jr. Youths and their parents to achieve
excellence in material, intellectual and spiritual aspects of life.”

If they insist that we want to become Baha’is, we say to them,
“Teaching of the Baha’i faith is not permitted and hence we cannot
accept any declaration from them. The purpose of our core activities
is to assist in the transformation and betterment of society.”

Thanks dear Dr. Payman Mohajer you have helped us in solving this very
embarrassing and great mystery of not teaching the faith to Israelis.
We wait for your plan to start the four core activities in Israel for
assisting in the transformation and betterment of the Israeli


Feb 28, 2012, 4:21:48 AM2/28/12
Typical Bahaim double-speak bollocks!

Sep 27, 2015, 12:27:25 AM9/27/15
Dear Dr Payman,IT has been a while since we met. And communicated.I think the last time we mmet was in LUcknow in 1987,when u were teaching .Whenever I go to CHandigarh and our depatment,I remember you,It was always an honour to know you, because by the time u had joined the university we were all very immature and u were the only one who used to read the books and take the exam.lIfe has been a long journey with its highs and lows and now at this stage of my life I have become attracted to our spritual world.I have been interacting with people and visiting various organizations but find that They do not have what IAm looking for.ACtually now I am very keen to do something for the society.I ahve been vising the lotus temple quite regularly,and I have deceided to dedicate myself to the BAhai FAith and become an active volunteer to serve the faith and become a BAhai myself.MY family fully supports me in this.HOwever you being my classmate I think I should ask you,HOw to start.I wanted to find out about you,so I visited ur website.I hope you would respond to your olsd classmates.
Ch informatio.
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