2 X Obama Congo Illegal Immigrant RAPIST Fiston Ngoy: Man calls rape on train a 'consensual' encounter, victim denies it

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Oct 26, 2021, 8:25:02 PM10/26/21


The homeless man says he recognized the woman and that she
'initiated the sexual encounter', she denies claims and says she
has never seen Ngoy before

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: The Pennsylvania man accused of
raping a woman aboard a train in Philadelphia has claimed that
the woman initiated the encounter, according to a police
affidavit. As we previously reported, Fiston Ngoy was arrested
by police on October 13 after he was caught raping a woman in
full view of other passengers. After being alerted to the
incident, cops caught Ngoy at the next stop and arrested him on
several charges.

As of the time of reporting, Ngoy remains in police custody,
with bail set at $180,000. His preliminary hearing is scheduled
for October 25 in Upper Darby. He has been charged with rape,
aggravated indecent assault, and related counts, the police
confirmed. Ngoy's incident went viral because while many others
viewed the incident, almost nobody stepped forward to help the
woman. In the end, an off-duty Southeastern Pennsylvania
Transportation Authority (SEPTA) employee stepped up and called

The shocking incident has now taken another dramatic twist, with
Ngoy claiming he wasn't responsible for the rape. Instead, he
says the woman initiated the encounter, a claim that the victim
has denied. Here's everything we know about this stunning update.

'Encounter was consensual' claims Ngoy
The stunning claims were first made public by The Inquirer,
which managed to view Ngoy's arrest affidavit. Reportedly, Ngoy
said he recognized the woman on the train and approached her to
start a conversation. He then claims she initiated the sexual
encounter and didn't resist his advances. He believed the
encounter was consensual, a claim the woman has firmly denied.

The woman called the claims "completely false" and insisted she
had never seen Ngoy before or ever given him permission to touch
her. The woman claims she had a few beers after work then got on
the wrong train. She claimed not to remember anything between
boarding the train and the time police pulled Ngoy off her.
Given the two contrasting stories, investigators have been
forced to rely on surveillance footage, which appears to back
the woman's version of events.

At 9:15 pm she boarded the train at the Frankford Transportation
Center. A minute later, Ngoy also boarded at the same station
and sat next to her. Based on surveillance footage,
investigators concluded: "the victim is obviously struggling
with keeping him off of her." That is because Ngoy can be seen
attempting to touch her, as she repeatedly pushed him away. At
one point, Ngoy grabbed her breast, before he began to rape her.
The incident only ended when officers intervened.

Other commuters present at the scene were slammed by Transit
Police Chief Thomas Nestel III. At a press conference, he said,
"There was a lot of people, in my opinion, that should have
intervened. Somebody should have done something. It speaks to
where we are in society and who would allow something like that
to take place. So it’s troubling." Nonetheless, he urged the
public to act in such situations, saying, "I’m here to tell you
that when you see inappropriate behavior, behavior you wouldn’t
want your 10-year-old to see, call 911."


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