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W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Net

Sep 30, 2021, 6:42:54 AM9/30/21
There is something to be said about being invited to live with level
three sex offenders, as if it’s a bootcamp to better understand the
sludge of society as if it’s a welcome respite. Dr. Joseph Ipachs of
Taunton State Hospital and his accomplish, Attorney Kiley, a white
haired man of worse than Trump lapdog, once respectable Rudy Guiliani
appeal find it necessary to keep me in a structured environment. My own
brother would have turned me in had I ever been questionable regards to
any level of offender. Why him? He’s a state police digital forensics
detective. Need I say how many needless probation officers I’ve met
along the way? If Judge “In the pocket of Christopher Crosby Morris”
Judge Brennan side with the hospital, the powers that be will have
complete authority to tell me either stay in a locked ward or live in a
group home. To that I say, F*** You and you do deserve the problems you
create, the violence, the hatred and why? Deliberate removal of my and
anyone else’s right to life, liberty, love and the pursuit of happiness.
I said it before and I say it again, rise! The hospital and courts
wanted to move a freedom hearing back ½ hour this past Tuesday. I had
zero time to inform anyone other than a remote shot my attorney. Had I
skipped an excellent lunch, not one soul of representation from Mind
Freedom would have attended, hearing done before the 1 pm scheduled
start date. The hospital is to be considered enemies of freedom of
mind, they sabotage and deliberately steal the right for a fair and
balanced hearing.

Ipachs you reading this? You are out of your ever batsh** insane mind to
keep me locked up for the betterment of myself and to the tune of
$50,000.O0 USD per month. Ipachs via Kiley tried to convince the court
I have zero transportation, no bus to get too and my uncle/best friend
Richard, a outstanding honored citizen is too old and frail to live
with. That got shot down with ease. Ipachs would rather have me wait
for years in a locked ward with not so much as Ti Chee going on, let
alone a full day outdoors, unless I consider being in a screened in 4th
floor porch with homeless mentally ill patients who spit green spud all
over the floor, never wash themselves or clothes and sleep all day,
stinking up the place. Ain’t it strange how the state can legally force
drugs into a patient, award them with toys such as smart phones but
these level three sex offenders cannot be forced to so much as shower?
There are eight of them in this unit. Cain 4 East. I wonder why Ipachs
actually believes I should not distance myself emotionally from these
animals. Its one of them, a real doormat against himself, of whom beat
a employee smaller than my own ex-wife. This “doormat” was awarded with
medicine and being strapped to a bed for a couple of hours. My ex?
5’3” 96 pounds. The stellar employee, smaller. The doormat? My size,
5’6” at least 180 pounds and he himself, once stuck a white power
sticker on a synagogue. Another bear of a patient beat four women
employees at the same time and was awarded not an arrest to being placed
in a stricter unit in Bridgewater State Hospital but a stay in the comfy
modern, flagship Worcester Recovery Center. “D” graduated from shared
stinking bathrooms to between panes of glass. Here? The lower window
is completely stickered over with greyness and tinted over with darkness
upon the upper half.

Is it going on a stretch that Stanley Miranda the same Miranda of whom
called not to have me arrested back in April 2017? He himself was a
former inmate in Walpole State Prison for 1 ½ years. I’ve learned
police and prisoners are on for the most part opposite sides of life yet
literally live the same ways. Miranda called police upon the insistence
of Pastor Paul Campo to inform Barnstable Police that a citizen, Shane
William Kelly had as I told Miranda, been guilty of vehicular homicide,
domestic violence, and assorted crimes including but not limited to two
counts of rape of a disabled person(s) one being my ex-wife. The
Barnstable Police knew Shane, he Shane was one of several people to work
closely with law enforcement as he wired the Bourne Penitentiary for
audio and video, amongst other duties. BPD Kevin Shaw knew that
Miranda could stand to face perjury charges for Shaws own insanity of a
charge of hijack bomb threat against a church. Thus, Miranda denies
video evidence claims as does Campo but due to the heavy underhandedness
of Shaw, agrees reluctantly that I threatened this crime. No I never
did. However, the real threat comes to the Drug Network Enforcement
Taskforce is my knowledge as to who’s who and where. Ya, Shaw, I didn’t
need to tell you my story, you took a calculated risk and played stupid.
The real threat comes to say that I had in fact, been in the thick of
a heroin operation yet completely innocent of all possible charges as I
was informing both Y & B PD’s people of who, what, where why and how.

As for homeless? I’ve always have had a place to reside at, to my Dad’s,
to Toms, to any one of my brothers, a cousin, and these people, these
loving people, are family. Who gets their as* kicked? Department of
Mental Health is going to find Methadone mile up north of Boston, in
droves heading here, people in far worse states of mind than anyone I’ve
encountered in this controlled environment. With a massive near
humanitarian disaster at USA’s southern border, the hospital is afraid
to let me go for far, far more dangerous and worse off are headed this
way it seems. As of this writing, I am not allowed at all to name the
level three sex offenders of whom dramatically effected my under age
teen years publicly to my own attorney let alone precious you.
Sometimes, I hope the thoughts i have that don’t make it online, that
seem to go out the window of my mind actually do get used and put to
good use. One would think that with all the connections I made through
the years, I could (and can) “sweet” talk my way into anywhere and
anyone with open arms, as my parents intended. For now, at a madman
psychiatrists insistence, freedom be denied me so he, Dr. Joseph Ipachs
doesn’t have a tough challenge on his hands and as usual, the soft core
level three sex offenders who barely can fend for themselves are given a
resort type treatment, oft sitting in a “nice” day room with a huge
HDTV, Xfinity with on demand, never used and hundreds of old school
DVD’s while watching “The Golden Girls” reruns. If Ipachs has his ways,
this entire entry is but a delusion of my mind, his way states, I’ve
straight up lied and am in dire need of medical help. Ipachs, you will
not last 30 seconds against me in a sanctioned boxing match, the real
deal I hope to have happen, yes you do deserve an a** whooping. At
least this blog is truthspeak.

“Wasted Days” a song by John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen was
released officially yesterday and it’s the best tune I can say
summarizes this life of mine.

{Verse 1: John Mellencamp}
How many minutes do we have left?

{Chorus: John Mellencamp & Bruce Springsteen}
Wasted days
Wasted days
We watch our lives just fade away to
More wasted days

{Verse 2: Bruce Springsteen}
How much sorrow is there left to climb
How many promises are worth the time
And who on earth is worth our time
Is there a heart here that I can call mine?

{Chorus: John Mellencamp & Bruce Springsteen}
Wasted days
Wasted days
We watch our lives just fade away to
More wasted days

{Verse 3: John Mellencamp & Bruce Springsteen}
How can a man watch his life go down the drain
How many moments has he lost today
The end is coming, it's almost here

{Chorus: John Mellencamp & Bruce Springsteen}
Wasted days
Wastеd days
We watch our lives just fade away to
Morе wasted days

Wasted days
Wasted days
We watch our lives just fade away to
More wasted days

Wasted days
More wasted days
We watch our lives just slip away to
More wasted days

...more new original music coming soon....

William Mahler
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