Cops shoot kidnap suspect in head after he held his therapist hostage

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Aug 9, 2022, 2:06:36 PMAug 9

A Florida kidnapping suspect was shot in the head by a deputy trying to
free a therapist taken hostage and repeatedly raped during a harrowing,
15-hour ordeal, authorities said.

Tzvi Allswang, 20, suffered a serious injury, but survived and was booked
into the Palm Beach County Jail on Wednesday, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies responded to Allswang’s home in Boca Raton around 6:30 p.m.
Saturday after getting a call from the victim’s partner, asking them to
perform a welfare check.

A probable cause affidavit that was obtained by The Post stated that the
caller told cops her partner had failed to return home from her client’s
house after their therapy session.

When deputies approached the residence, they heard a woman screaming for
help and forced their way inside.

Upon reaching the master bedroom, the deputies found Allswang standing
inside a closet and holding a knife to a woman’s throat, authorities said.

After Allswang refused repeated commands to drop the knife, Sgt. William
Nogueras shot him once in the head, allowing the hostage to break free.


Accused kidnapper and rapist Tzvi Allswang, 20, is pictured with a massive
injury to the head after a Florida deputy shot him to free a hostage.
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

The woman was transported to a hospital in a stable condition and was
treated for injuries to her head and body from allegedly being beaten and
raped by Allswang.

During an emotional interview with investigators, the woman said that she
had gone to Allswang’s home to conduct a therapy session last Friday

She said she was aware that Allswang had a sexual battery charge as a

At the end of their meeting, the victim said, Allswang grabbed her around
the chest in a “bear hug” and told her she could not leave. He then took
away the woman’s phone and bound her hands behind her back with duct tape,
according to the affidavit.

“During the course of the night she pleaded numerous times for him to let
her go and he said that he was not going to let her go,” the court
document stated.

Allswang allegedly pummeled the therapist all over her body with his hands
and knees, bit her nipple and raped her “multiple times,” including with a
vibrating massager, which the victim said “really hurt her.”

The woman told detectives that on several occasions during her captivity,
she thought Allswang was going to kill her.

When deputies finally responded to the house, the woman said, Allswang
placed a large kitchen knife against her throat and warned her to be quiet
“or he would cut her throat,” according to the filing.

Allswang faces a half-dozen felony charges, including attempted murder
with a weapon, four counts of sexual battery with force, and kidnapping.

His graphic booking photo shows him with severe swelling to his bandaged
head and bruising on his right eye.

Allswang made his initial court appearance on Thursday and was ordered
held without bond. He is expected to be back before a judge on Aug. 8.

Nogueras, a 14-year veteran who is currently assigned to the K-9 unit, has
been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an
internal investigation.

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Aug 9, 2022, 4:43:21 PMAug 9
YOU MIGHT BE CRAZY IF... you held your therapist hostage?

YOU MIGHT BE CRAZY IF... you believe the Global Warming cult mythology?

YOU MIGHT BE CRAZY IF... you get vaccinated and 4 times and boosters
twice? And did any of that after having the Whuhan virus 3 times during
the process.

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of jelly beans?



-That's karma-

The result is DEMOCRATS lies about history and reality to themselves and
others means their attempts to figure-out what's wrong is an exercise in
futility, because what they think they know they really don't know, and
fixing problems without the truth... becomes a fools errand.
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