Haiti - A Preview of Chicago, NYC, Seattle, LA ?

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Oct 17, 2021, 9:50:02 PMOct 17

The backstory in the article is the most important bit.

As the normally awful politics and economy of Haiti have
dribbled down the drain the past decade, there is now
no force capable of opposing the violent gangs. The
entropy threshold has been reached and total decay is
the inevitable result. This is worse than mere terrorism
because the terrorists ARE the population, in and of it,
and factional differences mean the bullets and machetes
come from a dozen different directions.

Is it any wonder tens of thousands are taking the long
way around to the USA, to anywhere ?

Normally the world would tell such place to fix its own
problems. Alas it's gone too far now, they just can't.
In theory the great bulk of the population should be
evacuated, preferably to France & posessions since it
was originally a French slave colony and the local lingo
is still largely "French-ish" creole which would lower
the communications barrier.

Meanwhile, in some of our largest American cities we are
seeing a similar decline in the ability to suppress the
criminals and especially crime gangs. This, however, is
largely by design - of extreme leftists and anarchists.
Police and security/justice infrastructure has been
badly hurt, police are quitting in droves for several
reasons, there is no will amongst the leadership to
try and improve the situation - so it too will hit the
entropy threshold and there will be no saving things.

The architects think this will be a great thing, their
chance to burn the old world and start a new one. But
it doesn't work like that. There will be no new for
decades, maybe many decades, along with mass death as
all parts of the sustaining infrastructure also crash.
Even the military will degenerate into warlords and

Likely the only "rescue" will be in the form of a violent
occupation by one or more despotic powers - China, Russia,
to some extent the Islamists. They will enslave the people
and pillage the resources. When they've used it all up
they will again turn on their own.

Oh, if the USA goes down, so does Canada and all or most
of Europe as well - the ties that bind can also drag us
down into the depths together. Our anarchists are your
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