Hurricane Fionia Blasts Bermuda - And New Storm Heading For West Florida

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Sep 23, 2022, 9:47:47 PMSep 23

Hurricane Fiona slams into Bermuda: 125mph winds CAPSIZE yachts,
pummel mansions and leave 70% of the island without power

Bermuda is being pounded with winds of up to 125 mph and
30 feet tidal swells as Hurricane Fiona continues to devastate
the Caribbean islands on its way north

The powerful waves have already capsized multiple boats along
Hamilton Harbor, and residents are taking shelter in their
homes after spending hours boarding up their properties on

. . .

Oh No ! Yachts and mansions damaged ! What a crisis !!!

I wonder how things are down on the low side of the
island where the servant class lives ?

In any case, looks like the island basically got a
direct hit - and a Cat3 can really mess up things.

The FUTURE of the storm is even more interesting,
still predicted to be at hurricane force when it
hits Canada - possibly still at tropical storm
strength when it reaches Greenland.

A very boring Atlantic hurricane season - and
then BOOM ... as if somebody flipped a switch.

If we can figure out why it was so boring BEFORE
then maybe we can figure out how to KEEP it that
way the whole year.

Meanwhile, another storm is brewing under Cuba and
projected to strike western Florida late next
wednesday or early thursday - again at Cat3 power.

Todays morning projections had it arriving in
Ft. Meyers and tracking diagonally up to Cape
Canaveral. The 5pm shifted that track a bit
northwards, striking the Tampa/St.Pete area
instead and tracking through DisneyWorld up
towards the Daytona area - basically riding
up I-4. A cat3 coming into Tampa bay - which
has a southerly entrance - could be VERY bad,
pushing a huge storm surge right into the
middle of town.

However SOME tracks suggest it might not turn much
at all and instead hit the low-lying "big bend"
area and then track up into Georgia.

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